A structural loft conversion

Mick and Kym Catmull can now accommodate visiting grandchildren, thanks to a loft conversion that has added a storey to their home in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

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The Catmulls also created a separate space for themselves, with a new master bedroom, bathroom and dressing room that’s reached by a new staircase that – like the extension itself – looks as though it has always been part of the house.

Loft specialists Loftscope designed and built the new space, calculating that the most cost-effective way to add a storey and gain maximum space was to replace the roof with a steel and timber structure that has a steeper pitch and five pitched roofed dormer windows.

The house was kept tidy, enabling Mick and Kym to live there during the work, which took 10 weeks and cost around £80,000 including VAT.

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  • Loftspace suggested a new steel and timber roof with five pitched roofed dormer windows to provide more space for the extra rooms
  • The Catmulls gained a new master bedroom, bathroom, dressing room and bedrooms for their grandchildren by making the most of their space with a loft conversion.

Contact: Architect Loftscope 01932 703616, loftscope.co.uk.