I've scoured Target and found 16 organization products worth buying

The #targethaul you've been waiting for

Target organization products from brightroom bedroom closet with storage
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We love a good shopping haul at Real Homes. Whether it's discussing our own exciting finds or watching a marathon of other people's picks, there's something so entertaining about seeing what someone bought. The #haul alone has 32.9B views on TikTok, so you've probably already come across one (or 10) on your FYP.

Personally, there's a certain type that always grabs my attention: the Target haul. Because I've recently been browsing all the storage and organization products available from Target's own brands, I thought I'd do a haul of my own. 

You won't have to do the scrolling and filtering yourself. My list is full of budget-friendly picks (for as little as $2) to keep small apartments organized. Think eco food containers, drawer dividers, and small-space storage buys for all your laundry supplies. If you're anything like me, at least one of these will end up in your basket. 


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Target organization products in the home

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You can get stylish bathroom storage bins and drawers from Target for as little as $1. Putting your towels, makeup, or hair tools in a handy container instantly upgrades your bathroom, whether that's a clear acrylic bin to showcase your toiletries or an eco-friendly bamboo box that hides countertop clutter. If you're not already speeding over to Tarjay, then these are the three things you should pick up that are essential for getting that clean girl aesthetic.


Okay, let's start with the honeycomb organizer hack that's been going viral. These simple dividers fit perfectly in your pantie drawer and are amazing at separating your daily go-tos from your special occasion sets. See ya never, messy drawer — you won't have to search for that certain underwear set or pair of socks ever again. But that's not the only bedroom storage option at Target. If your room is the place where you live, work, breathe, and whatever else, you'll need solutions to keep everything else organized, too. There are magazine racks, stationary organizers, and plenty more. 


Target kitchen storage is an online store aisle I could go wild in — which is why I couldn't help but pick six items for this section. From clear refrigerator containers to stylish spice racks to ice cube trays, I just can't get enough. Even more exciting is that these small kitchen organizers are super cheap. Don't let a small kitchen get in the way of you getting your chef on.

Laundry organization

Target organization products in the home

(Image credit: Target)

Laundry room organization is a thing on TikTok. With 182.1M views, there's no denying we ALL find fabric softener refills satisfying. But if you're like me, you don't have a whole room dedicated to your washer and dryer. Still, that hasn't stopped me from storing my dryer balls and detergent tablets in cute stackable containers. If you're all out of under-the-sink space, then there are some great storage shelves for a makeshift laundry room of your own. 

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