All of Urban Outfitters vanities are stunning, but these 6 are our faves

Owning one of these Urban Outfitters vanities is the ultimate main character decor decision

A trio of Urban Outfitters vanities taken from lifestyle shots on UO site
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Urban Outfitters Vanities: Quick Menu

When it comes to furniture, Urban Outfitters vanities are items I covet to near unhealthy levels (and I'm not sorry for it). My apartment is a place reserved for indulgence and frivolity in the form of statement furniture and dreamy decor and for this, I am grateful to myself. 

Nothing brings me more joy than waking up in the morning, throwing on my extravagant silk robe, and getting myself ready for the day at my vanity dresser. It's giving main character... basically, I'm living my Sophia Coppola Marie Antoinette fantasy.

So, with this in mind, I'm more than qualified to walk you through the vanity range from Urban Outfitters, with everything from contemporary, sleek models to retro options in all kinds of colors. All of them are super easy to assemble and will elevate your bedroom with immediate effect. Basically, investing in the best Urban Outfitters furniture will bring all-around good vibes.

6 Urban Outfitters vanities we've got our eyes on

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As one of the best places to buy furniture, I know my way around the Urban Outfitters site. So, embarking on a perusal of the best vanities it has to offer was a dream. I found a range of stunning options from full-on set-ups including a dresser, mirror, and stool to low-key space-saving options for those of us not yet ready to graduate to the full vanity dresser party. There's truly something for everyone and I'm obsessed with the range.

Boho Urban Outfitters vanity picks

White Urban Outfitters vanity selections

Looking for more room accessories? You can't get ready or really finish a space without a mirror, and these Urban Outfitters mirrors really take the cake when it comes to style and function.

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