The best shoe storage buys 2019: boxes, benches and cabinets

Whether Jimmy Choos or garden shoes, a dedicated home for your foot wear is just the thing to cut the clutter

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Whether you have a designer collection that would make Carrie Bradshaw blush or a big household stuffed to the gills with trainers, plimsolls and wellies, it’s likely that you spend quite a lot of your time tripping over errant pairs of shoes. Either that, or they have a home that just doesn’t do them justice, like an untidy pile that makes your under-stairs cupboard look like a low-budget remake of Stig of the Dump

The solution is good storage specifically designed for shoes, whether a dedicated cabinet, a low-lying rack, a storage bench, or an over-the-door hanger, we’ve rounded up the best of them below. Don't worry, we'll soon have your bedroom, hallway or mudroom looking neat.

Storage benches for the hallway or mudroom are a pleasant meeting between form and function, as they’re there to catch your shoes as soon as you step in and to park bottoms on while tackling tricky laces, but our aesthetically pleasing choices also look elegant in their own right.

Usually long and low to the ground, they won’t overcrowd narrow entranceways, however if you have space to spare – or an oversized collection, and thus no choice – you could opt for a taller shoe cabinet with individual compartments, like our top pick the Jenson Shoe Storage Cabinet by MADE, which keeps that battered but beloved pair of Converse out of sight, but right where you need them.

If you’re really squeezed for space, you could look into in-wardrobe or over-the-door storage options. While these aren’t always ideal for chunkier heels like wedges, or boots, some come with added clips on the bottom for those trickier to store items, and they’re great for kids’ shoes.

Tall solid oak cabinet with tapered legs and handle-less compartments

1. Jenson Shoe Storage Cabinet

This gorgeous solid oak cabinet has handy hidden storage and mid-century moxie

Best for: Design
Dimensions: H145 x W65 x D31cm
Type: Cabinet
Material: Oak
Reasons to buy
+ Looks fantastic + High-quality solid oak 
Reasons to avoid
- On the large side 

For modern walk-in wardrobes and bedrooms with enough room for standalone storage, this free-standing shoe cabinet is the ultimate testament to a beloved collection. Solidly built but not bulky, with mid-century modern good looks and three separate compartments, it’s a great one for stylish family homes: why not give everyone their own compartment to be in charge of? A statement-making storage solution and a way to incentivise tidying? No wonder it’s worthy of our top spot. 

White wooden bench with three integrated cubbies, wicker storage baskets and long taupe cushion

2. Laurentides Wood Storage Entryway Bench

For sitting or storing, this wooden bench is just the ticket

Best for: Hallways and mudrooms
Dimensions: H46 x W112 x D40cm
Type: Storage bench
Material: Pine, wicker, linen, polyester
Reasons to buy
+ Sweet rustic details + Quality wicker and wooden construction 
Reasons to avoid
- Have to pile shoes in on top of each other 

This shoe storage unit doubles as a bench and looks fantastic while doing so, so if you like a practical storage solution that’s handsome enough to be a design feature in its own right, look no further! Its all-white paint job looks light and breezy, with rustic accents courtesy of the three wicker baskets its uses as storage making it a wonderful option for shabby chic schemes. It’s ideal if you only need to keep a few pairs to hand, however if you’re not happy to pile your shoes on top of each other, you might want to look for a more structured option. 

Dark wood cabinet with two full-length doors and slatted front

3. Home Large Slatted Shoe Cabinet

A stylish dark-wood alternative to the usual pale fare

Best for: High capacity
Dimensions: H125 x W90 x D37cm
Type: Cabinet
Material: Wood
Reasons to buy
+ Adjustable height shelves + Modern dark-wood look 
Reasons to avoid
- May overshadow small hallways 

Another one for hallways with space to spare, this statuesque storage cabinet is an elegant-looking, high-capacity solution for larger households. The slatted doors don’t just look good, they serve a practical function, designed to let more air in to circulate around the shoes and stop that musty smell in its tracks. While the cabinet comes with six shelves, four are height adjustable, so if you don’t need to store the full 28 pairs of shoes and would rather give your winter boots a home too, you can rejig the internal configuration to suit. 

Pale natural wood low unit with eight cubbies and label-holders

4. Cox & Cox Low Wooden Box Unit

Library-style storage for a quirky hallway

Best for: Style
Dimensions: H46 x W97 x D35cm
Type: Shelves
Material: Spruce
Reasons to buy
+ Lovely natural wood finish + Label attachments are a nice touch 
Reasons to avoid
- Quite low capacity 

With its natural-finish wood and label holders, this low wooden box unit from Cox & Cox has an irresistible ‘found’ look to it, like all good additions to an eclectically designed home. These lovely design features also address practical concerns though: the solid wood is sturdy and looks and feels high-quality, while the label-holders mean you can assign names or categories to each of the cubbies, should you wish. Cox & Cox say this unit’s ideal height and wide platform top mean it could double up as a bench, although as it’s not designed as one we recommend testing the weight limit first!  

Full-length natural wood-effect unit with four gloss white compartments

5. Strand 4 Door High Gloss Shoe Cabinet

A budget-friendly, space-friendly storage solution for shoe-strewn hallways

Best for: Narrow hallways
Dimensions: H155 x L59 x D24cm
Type: Cabinet
Material: MDF, walnut
Reasons to buy
+ Narrow profile + Four storage compartments 
Reasons to avoid
- Fixings on the flimsy side 

With its four compartments, tall stature and slender profile, this Strand shoe cabinet offers maximum capacity in the minimum of space. It fits flush to the wall, and its small footprint means it doesn’t protrude too far into the room, with its walnut-look frame and gloss-finish white doors adding to the overall sleek look. While reviewers commented that the lower price did mean some lower-quality fixings, such as plastic door hinges, all were pleased with how it looked and how easy it was to put together, so as a budget storage solution, we’ll still chalk that up as a win. 

White and natural wood shoe rack with solid oak top and two slatted white shelves

6. John Lewis Croft Collection Shoe Rack

Put your best foot forward with this open-front shoe rack

Best for: Sturdiness
Dimensions: H48.5 x W82 x D30cm
Type: Rack
Material: Metal and woo
Reasons to buy
+ Open design gives illusion of space + Sturdy solid wood build 
Reasons to avoid
- Some experienced marked batches 

Want to show off your shoes? While our previous picks make a point of hiding shoes from view, this Croft Collection shoe rack by John Lewis endeavours to show them off. The open-front design puts your favourites at the forefront, while the slatted design looks less closed off than solid shelves for smaller spaces, and the natural oak and white-painted colourway looks clean and fresh in both modern and traditional spaces. Reviewers attest that it’s more than sturdy enough to push against while pulling laces tight, or resting the shopping bags on while seeing to taking shoes off, although it’s not designed for sitting on. 

La Redoute Interieurs Agama Shoe Rack

7. La Redoute Interieurs Agama Shoe Rack

A sturdy build with light and bright looks

Best for: Contemporary
Dimensions: H52 x W83 x D30cm
Type: Rack
Material: Metal and Hevea wood
Reasons to buy
+ Stylish contemporary design + Lipped shelf edge stop shoes slipping 
Reasons to avoid
- Two shelves compared to the Croft Collection’s three 

Everything we love about the Croft Collection shoe rack is back in full force in the form of this House by John Lewis unit: the modern looks, the sturdy build, and the open-front shelving that shows off your shoes. This modern perforated metal version is just two shelves, but while it might feel as if you’re sacrificing capacity, the lack of a top platform means it’s actually easier to store taller boots. That the bottom shelf is tilted forward and finished with a lipped edge to ensure no slippage is also a nice touch.

Over-door hanging shoe organiser with twenty pockets and three metal clips in grey fabric

8. Neatfreak Twill Over the Door Shoe Organiser

A space-saving solution for the chronically tidy

Best for: Space-saving
Dimensions: H162 x W55.5 x D2.5cm
Type: Over-the-door organiser
Material: Fabric
Reasons to buy
+ Non-scratching door hooks + Handy clips for boots 
Reasons to avoid
- Not the best for wedges 

The name says it all: this shoe storage solution is one for the obsessively organised. However if you don’t have room for a dedicated piece of furniture for storing your shoes, it’s also an ideal answer either to the need for added capacity or as a standalone solution. Unlike many specialised storage options, it’s durable and practical without looking plasticky, thanks to sturdy reinforced seams and an elegant, matte taupe twill construction. Think there’s no room for boots? Think again, because the three handy clips on the bottom will hold those for you, while the non-scratch hooks leave the tops of your doors unscathed.

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