9 of our fave meal prep containers you really need to buy

Bringing extra sauce to your batch-cooked meal

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Meal prep containers are a must when commuting to the office. Homecooking saves me spending money on a sad sandwich, plus, I love it when colleagues compliment my domestic goddess-like skills.

There are so many great food storage containers, but plastic takeout boxes are not it. And just like socks in the dryer that go missing, I haven't got time (or energy) to play a game of go fish with lids and containers. Not to mention my rage when they get stuck between my kitchen drawers or warp in the dishwasher.

Enough hating on them, because I've been on the lookout for more useful kitchen items. So whether you want an eco-friendly solution, a colorful container, or something to make packed lunches look pretty, we've got some tasty picks to pack up your eats.

9 meal prep containers that minimize food waste

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 Is glass or plastic better for meal prep containers?

"Although glass offers the convenience of being able to see through the material, tempered glass can break if the impact is hard enough, so that’s where a reusable plastic food container could come in handy, especially if you’re on-the-go," says Diahann Lugo, Culinary expert at Tupperware.

"If you take your prepped meals from the fridge to your work bag, to your car – or other modes of transportation – then into your office. This is where reusable plastic containers, like the Tupperware CrystalWave or the Tupperware Vent N Serve products, serve as great options. What’s great about the Vent N Serve products is that you can store, prep, freeze, and microwave food in these containers, which makes meal prep and eating super simple,"

"I love using our Tupperware PremiaGlass for produce after cleaning them so I can use throughout the week and being able to see through the container is great. Of course, it looks beautiful in the fridge too. If I’m going to take some of this produce for a picnic or meal on the go this is where our Big Wonders Bowls or even Lunch-It containers are wonderful options, especially because there is a divider and can help you to easily portion your meal per ingredient."

How do you transport meal prep?

"If I’m going to take something for a picnic or meal on the go, I prefer to transfer it to a reusable plastic food container to virtually eliminate the concern that it could potentially break; this is where our Big Wonders Bowls or even Lunch-It containers are wonderful options, especially because there's a divider and can help you to portion your meal per ingredient easily," says Lugo. 

Are meal prep containers worth it?

“As reducing food waste and saving money continues to be top of mind for 2023, meal preparation containers that help with this will be top of the shopping list," says Lydia Mallinson, Content Marketing Manager at STAUB and ZWILLING.

"Vacuum sealable food storage containers that extend the life of fresh ingredients and also enable you to digitally track use by dates are a great way of keeping the kitchen not only super organized, but also more efficient and less wasteful. Plus, there’s the added bonus of extra money saved by not letting food go to waste and utilizing every inch of leftovers,"

"Compared to regular, non-vacuum sealable meal prep containers, the advantage of vacuum sealing is that it significantly reduces the amount of air surrounding the food.  This lowers the oxygen content and delays oxidization and the aerobic process.  As the vacuum-sealed box or bag has minimal air content, there’s a reduction in moisture - so no more mold or limp ingredients.  What’s more, food’s flavor, taste, vitamins, and nutrients are all preserved for longer - perfect for everything from meat and fish to dairy, herbs, soups, and sauces.  For best results, allow food to cool to room temperature before sealing and avoid opening the lid unnecessarily to prevent air entering inside.” 

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