12 of the best small dish drying racks that serve big on style by a tiny sink

Chic small dish drying racks for that post-girl-dinner reset

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Small dish drying racks for dishes: Quick menu

Dedicating some time to find a small dish drying rack? Whether you're living with a partner, roomies, or alone, the key to a happy home is keeping things tidy with a sprinkle of cute vibes. So, a tiny draining rack is a must.

Girl dinner without one is way too messy and we're all about that stress-free soft life at Real Homes. So, whether you're into pastel plastic prettiness or chic wooden setups, we've put together a roundup so you can find something that totally vibes with your kitchen's aesthetic.

A good drying rack is one of the best organizational kitchen items you can add to your space. So, let's get into it and take your kitchen from Sophia Coppola mess to a sophisticated and clean space. 

12 chic dish drying racks for small spaces

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It's probably surprising that I can get this excited about something as basic as a drying rack, but before we look at all your options, let's talk function. You need a rack that can handle your dish load while keeping things super organized. When shopping for one of the best organizational products that money can buy, look for adjustable shelves, handy utensil holders, and spill-catching trays. A well-organized drying rack doesn't just make your kitchen look more put together; it also makes your post-dinner cleanup a breeze. Now, onto our selections.

Small drying racks for dishes

Frequently asked questions

How do you organize dishes in your drying rack?

We asked Aaron Christensen, resident cleaning expert and vice president of marketing at Homeaglow, for his insight. He ultimately explained it depends on the type of rack.

"If you’re using a multi-level rack, you’ll want to put taller items like plates on top and smaller items like cups and glasses on the bottom, simply so that everything fits," he says. "For large items like pots and skillets that won’t fit in this style of rack, lay these on a clean tea towel (like these from Amazon) on the counter alongside your dishrack, or dry them immediately."

What about a single-level rack? He says you’ll "fit more in if you stack all your plates and bowls on one side, and your glasses and cups together on the other side." Then you can place pots and pans (carefully) on top of mugs and glasses.

What should you look for in a drying rack?

I'm always an advocate of natural materials, such as bamboo because of its sustainable properties and timeless look, it's also advisable to think about all the other factors that come into it. So, we asked Raychel Klein, a Seattle-based professional organizer and founder of Raybaybay Home for her opinion.

"As a professional organizer, I try to leave kitchen countertops as clear as possible, but in some cases, you’re left with no choice but to succumb to a tool, gadget, or accessory that has a permanent place," she says. "This is most common with dish drying racks. I typically look for dish racks that have dual purpose, easy to clean, keep dishes safe, and are potentially storable when not in use."

How do you stack cutlery in a drying rack?

This really is an age-old debate but thankfully, Aaron Christensen, resident cleaning expert and vice president of growth at Homeaglow, sheds some light here and says you can actually do it either way.

"Head up means the head will be streak-free, but you may make it dirty with your hands when putting your cutlery away," he says. "Stacking your cutlery head down will ensure you don’t make it dirty when emptying the dishrack, but the head may be streaky. Personally, I prefer to head up and always make sure my hands are freshly washed before putting away the dishes."

Where to shop for small drying racks

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How we chose

With expert insight under our belts, we trawled the internet for the drying racks that met the important criteria. Paired with high ratings and positive feedback from customers, that's how we chose this list!

Meet our experts below:

Raychel Klein
Raychel Klein

Raychel Klein provides home organization services, specializing in the KonMari Method, and is the founder of Raybaybay.com

Aaron Christensen cleaning expert
Aaron Christensen

Aaron Christensen is vice president of growth at Homeaglow, a house cleaning platform with thousands of top-rated cleaners serving over 15,000 happy customers across the US every week. Aaron works closely with Homeaglow's team of cleaning experts and oversees the growing library of cleaning tips on the Homeaglow blog.

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