The Container Store organization products that'll help you get your sh*t together

Acrylic bins FTW

The Container Store organization products clear boxes and storage for kitchen, bathroom and bedroom
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I mean it when I say you can never have too many containers. No, I'm not talking about the pile of takeout ones you've collected, but the acrylic, super satisfying kind. Seen stacked in the well-stocked fridges of all the Kardashians and pretty much all over TikTok, I'd be a little surprised if you don't own at least one clear container.

If your organization skills are kinda subpar (or nonexistent), don't worry. Because if there's one place to get started and bulk buy as many organization products as possible, it's The Container Store. Home to the most plastic boxes, stackable storage, and drawer organizers I've ever seen, surfing through the site's products is like #organizationASMR heaven for every inch of your living space.

Whether you have a cluttered apartment in need of some small-space storage or a kitchen with an out-of-hand spice collection, organize your home (and your life) with these cool container finds.


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The Container Store organization products clear boxes in fridge

(Image credit: The Container Store)

Obsessed with watching #fridgerestock videos? Me too. Watching a refrigerator get refilled with colorful fresh fruits, veggies, and a bunch of soda cans and water bottles is basically a form of meditation. So why not do it in your own apartment? You don't have to rack up a major grocery bill to get the same look. Just transfer whatever you currently have in your pantry into some reusable clear containers and your kitchen can be just as pretty.


A well-organized neutral closet

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If your closet is overflowing like mine, it's time to go full Marie Kondo. But before you start the huge clear-out your mom has been begging you to do, invest in these bedroom organizers to make the task a little easier. Get some clear containers to stack your sweaters and drawer dividers to separate your bras from your panties. Yes, your bedroom can look as aesthetically pleasing as your pantry. 


The Container Store bathroom organization products

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Your bathroom can get pretty messy. With everyday toiletries, cleaning supplies, and a million skincare products living it up in this space, keeping your ~tiny~ en suite tidy can be tricky. If you rent and haven't beautified your bathroom, it's probably looking a little blah, too. Storing all your self-care items in clear containers will keep your countertops clutter-free and make your bathroom feel more spa-like. Bubble bath, anyone?


A neutral, clean bedroom with a clear acrylic nightstand

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PSA: bedroom storage and organization doesn't end with your closet. Even in a small space, you can make use of so many areas in your room to store or display your favorite jewelry, skincare, and your cuddly throw blankets. For example, the opening under your bed can be stocked with drawers for out-of-season clothes or heavier bedding. We also love the luxe boutique vibes that this clear nightstand storage solution and jewelry drawer give, and think they'd be perfect for displaying your countless pairs of little gold hoops and prettiest beauty products.

Organization inspo from The Container Store


♬ original sound - The Container Store

♬ original sound - The Container Store
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