These 9 vanity mirrors are ideal for perfectionists ⁠— some are renter-friendly

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Two vanity mirrors, one from West Elm with a gold finish and the other black from Amazon, both in white bathrooms
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We've all been there. Knocking our foreheads into glass as we're trying to draw on eyeliner. Thinking we need new glasses because our face is starting to look a bit blurry. Cursing our artificial bathroom lighting when we finally get to see our face in broad daylight. Oh, the frustrations of using a bad vanity mirror

If you, too, are tired of doing your makeup in such challenging conditions, then it's most definitely time to upgrade your vanity situation. Lucky for us, there's a surprising variety of options out there. Renters who don't have the luxury of putting up a full-sized bathroom vanity can find plenty of tabletop and space-saving mounted mirrors that do the job just as well. And homeowners seeking affordable, yet chic mirrors that show them in their best light will be dazzled by the high-tech features that many now come with. Yes, some of these vanity mirrors have lights

Here's my pick of the most stylish vanity mirrors to buy for your home RN. Shoppers rate these picks highly, and I love their design, too. 

9 chic vanity mirrors for doing your makeup in style

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Tabletop vanity mirrors

Wall-mounted vanity mirrors

Full-size vanity mirrors

What's the difference between a vanity mirror and makeup mirror?

You'll generally find that the terms vanity mirror and makeup mirror are used interchangeably. Makeup mirrors are concave mirrors that magnify what you see, making them ideal for putting on beauty products, especially ones that require a lot of detail. Vanity mirrors are essentially a type of makeup mirror that are designed to fit on top or attach to a vanity table.

How to choose a full-sized vanity mirror for the bathroom?

There are a few things to consider when choosing a full-sized vanity mirror, especially if it's going up in the bathroom over a sink and faucet, says Amy Forshew of Proximity Interior Design." Think about the size of your space and whether there'll be sconces installed.

"Sometimes the best option is a very simple mirror that lets the lighting or wallpaper steal the show," she says. "But I generally prefer unique mirrors." And even if you're on a budget, a little creative update may breathe new life into your existing vanity mirror. "Sometimes an old mirror that needs a coat of paint is the best option" she adds.

Where to buy a vanity mirror?

If you're still searching for the perfect vanity mirror for your space, then don't give up on your hunt just yet. Below are the places to continue your search.

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