19 best Christmas gifts for boys (that girls will love, too)

Not sure what boys really want for Christmas? Our gift guide does the thinking, so you don't have to

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Choosing Christmas gifts for children can be a challenge, as it's easy to fall out of the loop with regards to what boys (and girls) really want. 

If you're looking for something a little less obvious than the stereotypical football, toy sword or remote control car, you're sure to find inspiration with our pick of the best Christmas gifts for boys. 

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1. Gift them a stand-out dragon costume for dressing up

A favourite from the gift guide, this Green Dragon Wing and Hat Set from Not On The High Street is hand printed and designed to set fire breathing imaginations alight.

Perfect for kids who love dressing up, make-believe play and all things mythical, this statement costume is designed using natural, handmade materials. What's not to love?

dragon dressing up costume by not on the highstreet

(Image credit: Not On The Highstreet)

2. And the toy to match 

Gently stepping from mythical dragons to their real life (be it extinct) counterparts, we love this Jellycat Bashful Dinosaur Soft Toy available from John Lewis & Partners. Soft and beautifully designed, these gorgeous soft toys from Jellycat are available in a range of species. 

green dragon jelly cat toy available at john lewis

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

3. A balance bike to get them on the go

Learning to ride a bike is a rite of passage for all children and the Banwood First Go! Balance Bike, available at Bobby Rabbit, provides the opportunity for a significant head start. 

Encouraging the practice of balance required for bike riding, this starter bike will ease the transition more effectively than stabilisers.

balance bike in green and cream colour by bobby rabbit

(Image credit: Bobby Rabbit)

4. You can't go wrong with Playmobil 

Complete with helicopter, a rescue boat that actually floats on water and a surfer in need of rescue from from the jaws of a shark, the Playmobil City Action Coast Guard – an exclusive at John Lewis & Partners – makes a great gift for children fascinated by the emergency services.

Want to upgrade the Coast Guard Rescue Boat? Pick up an Underwater Motor, too. 

playmobil rescue set from john lewis

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

5. Make their space feel their own 

As children get older, it becomes increasingly important to allow them the freedom to reflect their style and personality in their bedroom.

We love these Personalised Sports Ball Cushions from Not On The High Street, as they skilfully strike the balance between tasteful to adults and appealing to children.

personalised sports cushions by not on the highstreet

(Image credit: Not On The Highstreet)

6. A classic, wooden train set

Chances are you remember wooden train sets from your own childhood; the good news is that they're as popular as ever. 

This 120 Piece Train Set from John Lewis & Partners is a great starter kit and can be expanded with a Railway Expansion Pack, Shed Engine and even a Mountain – who knew? 

wooden train set from john lewis & partners

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

7. The scooter John Lewis has ranked as one of the gifts of the year

Expected to be a popular Christmas gift option this year, we don't doubt that this Maxi Micro Deluxe Scooter will be appearing on many Christmas lists. 

If your aim is to be more loved than Father Christmas, this is the gift for you. Available at John Lewis in seven colour combinations. 

scooter from john lewis

(Image credit: John Lewis)

8. A child-sized kitchen

Children learn best by copying those around them. If you think that encouraging confidence in the kitchen is essential, this John Lewis & Partners Wooden Mini Kitchen could be a great starting point.

If your kitchen is large enough, positioning this miniature wooden set in a corner is a great option that allows the kids to 'cook' alongside you. Future Bake Off/MasterChef winner in the making...

wooden toy kitchen from john lewis

(Image credit: John Lewis)

9. A unique, two-in-one, games console

A console unlike anything else on the market (so the techies tell us) the Nintendo Switch offers the versatility of connecting to the TV at home while also functioning as an on-the-go handheld device with a 6.2 inch screen. 

For the sake of sparing you all the gaming jargon this is, in short, what all the kids want this Christmas.

nintendo switch games console by amazon

(Image credit: Amazon)

10. Enter the world of weird thanks to the Guinness World Records 2019

A cult Christmas present, Guinness World Records 2019 provides entry into a world of weird that children just can't get enough of. This year's copy contains the world's longest fingernails, the largest yoyo and the biggest annual food fight between its covers, making it prime reading material for Christmas Day.

guinness world records book from amazon

(Image credit: Amazon)

11. Encourage outright silliness with an at-home puppet theatre

Puppet theatres are a popular choice for children with vivid imaginations and a love for telling stories. 

We love this Tidlo Wooden Theatre from Amazon which transforms, magnificently, into a market stall when turned around, allowing for twice the fun. 

puppet theatre from amazon

(Image credit: Amazon)

12. An on-the-go game: a saviour during long journeys 

A best seller on Amazon, Randomise is a fun and interactive game with laughter and creativity at its core. Inclusive with a simple set of rules, over one million possible combinations mean that families can expect to play time and time again without getting bored.

Designed to be small in size, Randomise is easily transported, making it popular for travel and long journeys.

randomise card game from amazon

(Image credit: Amazon)

13. You can't go wrong with a pop-up tunnel

Offering hours of fun, this Star Play Tunnel from Not On The High Street is perfect for use indoors and outdoors. With a pop-up design (which we love) it's easy to take your tunnel to the beach or park, where it provides a great starting point for imaginary play.

And if the kids don't love it, channel your inner dog-whisperer and consider entering the family pooch at Crufts next year. 

blue pop up tunnel with white stars by not on the highstreet

(Image credit: Not On The Highstreet)

14. Some old-school skittles for fun in the park (or on the beach)

Based on an old fashioned favourite, what's not to love about these Natural Wooden Skittles from Not On The High Street and their cute, animal finish? 

Perfect for the beach, park, garden or in the house (maybe not) they're a fun gift idea for sport loving boys and girls.

wooden animal shaped skittles from not on the highstreet

(Image credit: Not On The Highstreet)

15. A Christmas list must-have

An essential for every child's Christmas list, we love these Fire Engine Pyjamas from M&S.

Perfect for little ones who love all things fire engines, they're made with cotton for maximum comfort and movement.

fire engine pyjamas from m&s

(Image credit: M&S)

16. Add a nautical theme to a nursery

If you're looking for gifts for boys (or girls) who probably won't fully appreciate them yet, a stylish mobile makes a great gift that parents will be thankful for. 

We love this gorgeous Whale Mobile from Anthropologie and think it would make the perfect addition to a nursery with a neutral colour scheme. 

whale mobile from anthropologie

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

17. Monopoly made cool (thanks, Fortnite)

First it gave us the flossing, now Fortnite is back with a modern twist on the nation's favourite board game: Monopoly. 

If you're looking to prise your kids away from TV and computer screens this Christmas, the board game edition of the (undoubted) video game of the year may be your best bet.

frtnite monopoly from john lewis and partners

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

18. It wouldn't be Christmas without Stick Man

The soft toy incarnation of the latest character from Julia Donaldson (best know for The Gruffalo) we couldn't love this Stick Man Plush Soft Toy any more. 

Pair with a copy of the book (if they don't already have it).

stickman teddy from john lewis and partners

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

19. Their first (kid friendly) tablet 

If you're shopping for their first tablet, it doesn't get much more kid friendly (and affordable) than the Fire 7 Kid's Edition Tablet, which comes with built in parental controls and free access (for the first year) to 5,000 popular apps and games, videos, books, Audible audiobooks and educational content from Disney, Nickelodeon, Sesame Street, and many more. 

kids kindle fire 7 from amazon

(Image credit: Amazon)

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