10 things all Strictly fans should buy

Celebrate Strictly Come Dancing 2018 by decking out your home with the best glitzy buys out there – from wallpaper to storage. Like you needed an excuse...

Strictly Come Dancing 2018 Cast
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Strictly Come Dancing 2018 is gracing our screens on Saturday evenings as 15 new couples prepare themselves to jazz, pop and swing their way through the series (and hopefully wow the judges). So, behold, a list of the glitziest, glammest (and only the best) items you 'need' in your home to see you past the Blackpool, show tunes and Hallowe'en episodes... and into the final. 

With everything from sequinned baskets to glittery wine glasses, you can turn your household into a Strictly haven. Let's meet the stars of the show…

1. Sequinned Mermaid cushion cover

The cushion you never even knew you needed, this bundle of sparkling fun is covered in reversible coloured sequins, so you can get the best of both worlds. Pop it on your sofa in one colour, or on your bed in the other, or get creative and draw your own design on it. What’s more? It even comes in five different colours, including gold, bronze, silver, peacock and rose gold. 

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Sequin Mermaid Cushion Cover

(Image credit: Sequin Mermaid Cushion Cover)

2. Dance wall print

A simple print has the power to brighten any blank wall. This one, however, is a necessity for those who love everything about dancing, and want their house guests to know about it. Minimalist, modern and it also makes a pretty fabulous gift. 

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Dance wall art Etsy

(Image credit: Dance wall art Etsy)

3. Glitter lamp shade

Spread the sparkle in your household with this multi-use lamp shade. Whether you prefer it hanging from the ceiling, on a floor lamp or as a table lamp; it’ll be sure to brighten the dreariest of rooms. It also works with globe bulbs, reflector, spiral, stick and spotlight ones. 

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Glitter lamp shade

(Image credit: Glitter lamp shade)

4. Sequin dipped seagrass basket

Where more stylish to store your knick knacks? A sequin dipped seagrass basket, of course. Perfect for shoe storage, or even the kids’ toy storage, they come in a range of sizes to choose from. After all, who doesn’t love some stylish storage? 

Sequin dipped seagrass basket

(Image credit: Sequin dipped seagrass basket)

5. Strictly Come Dancing CD

Grab your dancing shoes and a partner, because the fun doesn’t stop after you turn Strictly off every Saturday evening. Pop this CD in to your player, and dance along to some unforgettable dance-floor classics. Remember: keeeeeep dancin'!

Strictly Come Dancing CD

(Image credit: Strictly Come Dancing CD)

6. Star wall decals

With the ability to work in a kid's room design plus as a fancy party decoration, these dazzling star wall decals are available in matt, vinyl, metallic and glitter. They’re removable, and also the easiest and most inexpensive way to decorate a wall.

Star wall decals Etsy

(Image credit: Star wall decals Etsy)

7. Glitter bomb wine glass set

Here’s something you never knew you needed: a glitter bomb wine glass set. Perfect for you and your Strictly viewing friend, the best part is that they hold (lots of) whatever takes your fancy. They’re double-walled and probably the closest you’re ever going to get to drinking actual glitter and it being safe. Cheers!

Glitter bomb wine glass set

(Image credit: Glitter bomb wine glass set)

8. LED hanging disco ball light

There’s no point even denying that you want one of these in your house. With the ability to turn any room into a disco, this LED mirror ball includes eight super bright lights inside, and is battery powered for your convenience (and electricity bill). Better get the invitations ready…

LED hanging disco ball light

(Image credit: LED hanging disco ball light)

9. Glitter bathroom accessories

A simple change of bathroom accessories can change the structure of any bathroom, so why not add some of these glittery bathroom products to jazz things up? With a toothbrush organiser, a toilet brush, soap dispenser and tumbler available, your everyday bathroom routine is guaranteed to be brightened up. There’s even a matching storage basket, toilet seat and toilet roll holder for those who are super keen. 

Glitter bath accessories

(Image credit: Glitter bath accessories)

10. Audio- Technica AT-LP120 turntable

The best introductory turntable for aspiring vinyl enthusiasts, the Audio-Technica AT-LP120 has all the features you’ll need to have a good time. With the ability to play several different RPM’s, there’ll never be an album you can’t dance to. No need to purchase a pre-amp, as there’s already one built in, and it also has a USB output so you can record your collection. There’s cover to protect your records, and its rather
sleek looking, so would easily blend into any home.

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Audio- Technica AT-LP120 turntable

(Image credit: Audio- Technica AT-LP120 turntable)

Main photo courtesy of the BBC