Game of Thrones interiors: Stark, dark and right on the mark

Whether you are a Stark through and through or a ride or die Targaryen, you can bring a touch a Game of Thrones into your living room... In fact, eBay has seen GoT homeware sales rocket

Game of Thrones inspired interior: Sheepskin rugs by John Lewis
(Image credit: John Lewis)

WARNING: This article features Game of Thrones season eight spoilers!

As the final season of HBO's Game of Thrones draws to a close, you probably have many a question running through your head. What the hell happened to the Daenerys we once knew? Are Jaime and Cersei really dead? What badass move will Arya make next? And, ultimately, who will finally win the Iron Throne? IF ANYONE! 

But amongst all these burning questions, we can't be the only ones thinking, 'Where did they get that awesome antler chandelier? I could totally do with some snazzy metal goblets. Oooohh Jon Snow's shawl would look great as a throw.' No? Is that really just us?

Well, actually, turns out it isn't just us thanks. eBay has found that we are pretty keen to bring the décor of Westeros into our living room. The online marketplace has seen a 45 per cent spike in searches of thrones, searches for sheepskin rugs and goblets have increased 28 per cent, while iron chandeliers have seen a 12 per cent increase.

So, if like us, you aren't ready to say goodbye to the Seven Kingdoms, here are a few ways you can keep Game of Thrones alive in your home, long after the season eight finale...

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1. Sheepskin rugs anywhere and everywhere

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Did you know that the Game of Thrones capes are actually made of Ikea rugs? Seriously, we aren't joking. So, the easiest way to achieve that Winterfell-inspired look is to pile up the sheepskin. Ikea and John Lewis (top) have a load of choice, in plenty of colours and sizes, plus they are really affordable. 

2. Get antlers in wherever you can

The more your home starts to look like a hunting lodge they better. JK, JK. Obviously, we are talking of the fake variety here. Look out for candle holders shaped like antlers, antler lamps, antler curtain holdbacks, oh, and antler chandeliers, of course you need an antler chandelier

Dining area with antler chandelier

(Image credit: Period Living)

3. Belong to House Targaryen? Go for more muted tones

So far we have been very focused on the North, but let's take a look at how Dany and her dragons have inspired our interiors. Silver, white, crystals, moons, stars, it's all very ethereal. Mix furniture with soft lines and add plenty of throws and cushions in various cool tones, then (SPOILER ALERT) just like her outrageous behaviour in episode seven, season eight, contrast all that niceness with some sharp, harsh lines. 

Sofa covers over sofa in living room by Bemz

(Image credit: Bemz)

4. Pick a luxurious Lannister look

Basically this fam are all the about luxury, dark heavily carved woods, deep reds, plenty of gold accents. Invest in plenty of vintage textiles and intricate wallpapers, and a couple of wall mounted swords if you've got 'em. Of course, another must for any Lannister-inspired lair is a well stocked bar cart, complete with gold goblets. 

Hallway with heavily carved wooden doors

(Image credit: Period Living)

5. Be influenced by the White Walkers with blue hues

Bear with us with this one, those undead had a load to offer in terms of interiors inspiration. Give everything a ghostly hue but pick out lots of white and pale blue pieces. And since the Night King and his gang clearly loved the outdoors, throw in a few rustic elements too, maybe a driftwood coffee table and some wood -filled baskets. 

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Light blue living room with rustic wooden touches

(Image credit: Period Living)

6. Embrace House Tyrell with some Mediterranean vibes 

They may be long gone, but Highgarden was by far our fave location in the whole of the Seven Kingdoms. Far from the wintery scenes of most of our characters dwellings, the Tyrells were all about the exotic vibes, tropical prints and warm woods. R.I.P Lady Olenna: your sass and impeccable taste in interiors, will never be forgotten. 

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Outdoor dining area with tropical table cloth byH&M home

(Image credit: H&M)
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