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Over the last two years, many manufacturers have launched app-controlled heating thermostats, but which is best?

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Over the last two years, many manufacturers have launched app-controlled heating thermostats. A great breakthrough in technology, allowing you to simply turn the central heating on and off from your smartphone or tablet – never having to worry about leaving the heating on by mistake again. So, which latest models are worth a look? Boiler manufacturer Worcester Bosch has introduced the Wave companion app for their Greenstar boilers, while Hive from British Gas is possibly still the best known but another new entrant to the market is therM from, which promises to be the easiest one to connect to your internet modem yourself. But going a step further, Honeywell has recently launched the Voice Controlled Thermostat, which costs £229 for one control. It is so easy to use – just say ‘hello thermostat’ and it comes to life. Simply tell the device what to do, for example, ‘make it warmer’, ‘make it much warmer’ or ‘make it cooler’ and the temperature will be altered accordingly. The thermostat will say ‘raising temperature to 22 degrees or lowering to 17.5 degrees’, depending on your request, or you can ask what the outdoor temperature currently is.

Features include a touch screen display (shouldn’t they all?), plus it is compatible with Honeywell’s Total Connect Comfort app, which allows users to control their heating via a smartphone or PC, giving control when out (great if you’ve left the heating on after dashing out the door).

How much will it cost to install I hear you ask? The experts at Honeywell advise that it’s easy to install as compatible with most boilers. But as with any electrical device, if you’re not sure – contact one of the Honeywell recognised installers or a registered electrician.  Price for installation will vary depending on the complexity of the home, including boiler location and replacing old controls. However, installation by Honeywell with typically cost £70-100, including guidance on how to use the controls and advice on where best to place the thermostat. Find an accredited Honeywell installer at

Some may say it’s gimmicky but to my mind, to wake up on a chilly day and simply call out, ‘hello thermostat’, is just brilliant. Have you had an app-activated thermostat installed? Let me know how it’s benefitted you…?

Featured image: The new voice controlled thermostat. The screen colour can be kept neutral in white or changed to any colour preference