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The Home Edit storage collection is now at John Lewis: here are 4 tidy ways to it

You've binged the show, now you can buy The Home Edit storage accessories on John Lewis and make your wardrobe as Instaworthy as Reese Witherspoon's

The Home Edit storage in an organised pantry
(Image credit: Netflix)

Hands up if you have binge-watched Getting Organized With The Home Edit on Netflix already? And, if you are anything like us, you have probably spent the last day searching for The Home Edit storage 'product' as they call it, inspired to get on top of whatever room is causing you clutter-related woe. Well, as luck would have it they have released their full range of pantry organisers, shelf dividers and clear drawers on John Lewis & Partners and the whole lot is super versatile and super affordable. Yep, we are talking about all those lovely see-through boxes and hangers that keep everything oh so very tidy and Instaworthy.

We have picked out our must buys from the collection for your pantry, wardrobe, bathroom and kid's room. Have a browse then check out our pantry storage ideas for more inspiration. Get your label-makers at the ready, we are about to get very very organised. 

1. Tidy your way to a beautiful wardrobe

The Home Edit Storage on John Lewis & Partners wardrobe

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

Few of us have the number of items that Reese Witherspoon was looking to store – or a selection of outfits to display from our movie roles – but we can make getting dressed much less stressful with a tidy wardrobe. Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin of The Home Edit recommend zoning your wardrobe. This can be by colour, clothing type or even designer if you are super fancy. Once you have your sections sorted, use a range of boxes, hooks and shelf dividers to keep items tidy. Their top tip? Invest in a big set of matching hangers so that everything looks more polished. Shop the essentials below:

The Home Edit & iDesign All Purpose Storage Basket | £16 on John Lewis & Partners

A few of these are a must for your closet. Fold and stack your knitwear or T-shirts in them, or use them to store scarves rolled up following Clea and Joanna's donut method (watch the series to see it in action). They measure H15.2 x W25.4 x D25.4cm and can be stacked, tooView Deal

The Home Edit & iDesign Shelf Divider | £10 on John Lewis & Partners

When we saw these on the first episode we were amazed we hadn't come across them much before. They are so simple but effective – just slot onto a shelf and you can easily keep piles of towel, shirts or jeans from toppling onto one another. A great way to seperate shelves that can be adapted later onView Deal

The Home Edit & iDesign S Hook | £4 on John Lewis & Partners

The beauty of The Home Edit products is that they work to adapt existing storage into exactly what you need. Bags are usually best stored on a shelf, but if you lack shelf space you can quickly make room for bags, scarves, jewelry and more with these handy S hooks. They are super strong and can be converted to a C hook if needed.View Deal

2. Create a pantry fit for Instagram

The Home Edit Storage on John Lewis & Partners pantry and kitchen food storage

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

Not only is a well-organised pantry of kitchen cupboard an absolute treat to the eye, it also means you are less likely to overbuy or let food go to waste. When you can see – and reach – everything you need, cooking and storing food becomes so much easier. Clear food jars are a must, but we love the tiered shelves that make the most of a deeper cupboard. And, those lazy Susans are super handy for stowing similar items like spices and sauces. These are going straight in our basket:

The Home Edit & iDesign 3 Tier Expandable Shelf | £22 on John Lewis & Partners

We group our cans in baskets and boxes but this is a much better way to keep them. It means you can see everything at a glance and reach stuff at the back without a scrabble. Outside the kitchen, these could be used for displaying small bags or shoes.View Deal

The Home Edit & iDesign Pantry Storage Canister, Medium | £10 on John Lewis & Partners

We love our Kilner jars but these square food containers tesselate and stack so easily making far more room in a cupboard. The lid has a silicone gasket to seal and keep air out and they are available in five shapes and sizes.View Deal

The Home Edit & iDesign Pantry Labels, Set of 18 | £8 on John Lewis & Partners

If you don't have a label maker then these handy stickers can be popped on your most common pantry items. They are just like the ones Clea and Joanna use in the show in the pantries of the rich and famous, and now yours too!View Deal

3. Keep craft kit and kid's toys tidy in style

The Home Edit Storage on John Lewis & Partners kids room and craft materials

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

Be it crafting bits or toys you need to keep tidy, being able to see where everything is makes getting stuff out (and more importantly putting it away) much easier. The Home Edit drawers are perfect for sorting everything from Lego to crayons into neat colour-coded sections. And as the boxes are all clear you can really work that rainbow display for something that is neat, yet decorative. We can't wait to put these to good use:

The Home Edit & iDesign Storage Drawer | £28 on John Lewis & Partners

You can tuck anything into these and they will adapt well as your storage needs change. We actually think they are great for protecting shoes and could be used for showing off your fanciest pairs.View Deal

The Home Edit & iDesign Divided Turntable Storage Container | £22 on John Lewis & Partners

We saw these being used in the pantry above and they are great for bathrooms too, but if you love crafting they are so well suited for dividing your pens and brushes, or keeping spools of thread in check. View Deal

4. Cut the clutter in your bathroom

The Home Edit Storage on John Lewis & Partners bathroom

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

If you are a bit of a beauty addict, or just struggle keeping the basic bathroom necessities in check then The Home Edit have plenty of versatile storage solutions for you. Be it a two part box for storing unsightly cleaning products away, or a pretty little drawer to display your lippy collection, you won't be struggling for space after giving your bathroom a Home Edit, edit. See what we would buy first:

The Home Edit & iDesign All Purpose Deep Storage Basket | £20 on John Lewis & Partners

These durable and stackable boxes are just right for sorting bathroom paraphernalia by type or owner. We think this would look cute in a his and hers bathroom with a side for the most frequently used products, neatly displayed on a countertop.View Deal

The Home Edit & iDesign Lazy Susan | £37.50 on John Lewis & Partners

If you buy just one item from The Home Edit for your bathroom, make it this flexible product. With five compartments for your favourite products everything can be clearly sectioned. It turns so you can reach what you need, when you need it.View Deal

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