Shea McGee shares an aesthetically pleasing kitchen organization hack

It's pretty much the opposite of what Marie Kondo would do

Shea McGee and husband Syd
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A fresh and inviting kitchen is the icing on the cake of home decorating. Because it's harder than it looks to style this space like any other room and to make it truly welcoming.

Table lamps, artwork, kitchen rugs, a vintage radio and decor pieces that would look perfectly home on your coffee table - these are all your friends when it comes to making a kitchen stand out. As is Shea McGee's super simple kitchen storage idea...

Studio McGee kitchen

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Shea McGee's kitchen organization hack

The Dream Home Makeover star and co-founder of Studio McGee styles her everyday kitchen essentials on a sleek, circular marble tray. Now, it might sound like a small, insignificant detail.

However, it's one of those finishing touches that tell guests this is a kitchen belonging to someone with an eye for design. 'One of our favorite ways to bring form and function to the kitchen is by corralling our most-used kitchen objects on a tray for easy access,' writes Shea on her blog (opens in new tab)

'We love having olive oil, balsamic, honey, or sea salt next to the sink or stovetop,' she says. Shea is all about having things to hand - and this goes against everything Marie Kondo says about kitchen organization.

Studio McGee kitchen storage

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We recently wrote about Marie Kondo's tip for a tidy kitchen which involves having nothing on the countertops near the sink. At all.

But, thankfully, Shea has a more laissez-faire approach to her kitchen ideas. She even recommends making a bit of an Instagram moment with your tray of olive oil and other cooking essentials.

'Styling fruit, garlic bulbs, or fresh herbs alongside them is a great way to add some color!' she adds. The hack means you always have the things you simply cannot be without when cooking - whether it's your favorite Maldon salt, garlic-infused olive oil or some chilli flakes.

salt and pepper on marble tray

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Arranging cooking essentials on a cute, elevated tray will make it look more intentional, rather than having random bottles left out on the side. We love this black marble rectangular tray from H&M Home (opens in new tab) for just £19.99 or this circular white marble version from Etsy (opens in new tab).

We're all about little wins that look good and make life easier. If your kitchen is seriously tight on space, a tiny home owner shared his genius kitchen storage hack using mason jars.

Is your kitchen missing a touch of marble?

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