28 Mrs Hinch storage buys you need to keep your home tidy and organised

All of the best Mrs Hinch storage buys for your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, nursery and more. From eBay, Lakeland, Amazon...

Mrs Hinch storage buys: SONGMICS 2-Tier Bamboo Shoe Rack in bathroom
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Superfan or not, you have to admit that these Mrs Hinch storage buys are genius – and they look great in her home, too. Practical and space-savvy? We love to see it. We've listed all of Mrs Hinch's famous (and for good reason) storage finds below, for you to transform your home into an organised haven.

Whether you have a small home with little storage space so you need to find some space-savvy items, or, you simply just own too much stuff that you don't want to throw away, keep scrolling for the storage inspiration you need. We've been watching Mrs Hinch's stories to find where she buys her storage from, and everything we think you'd love is below. From everywhere including Lakeland, IKEA, eBay, Amazon and more...

Use the links on the left to jump to Mrs Hinch storage buys by section – from kitchen items to living room buys and there's even some nursery storage down there, too.

Need more storage inspiration? Visit our kitchen storage ideas page for ways to store your spices, dried foods, tins and more.

Mrs Hinch kitchen storage buys

Wham Studio Plastic Storage Basket

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Wham Studio Plastic Storage Basket | From 80p at Dunelm
Any Mrs Hinch fan will know that she swears by these storage baskets – and it's easy to see why. They come in a range of sizes and they are great for using anywhere in your home. But, specifically a kitchen. Use them inside your cupboards to store your crisps away from your chocolate, or your cleaning products from your tea towels. Or, pop them on some open shelving to make things look tidy outside your cupboards. And, don't forget to label them!View Deal

Under Shelf Rotate Hook Holder Hang Kitchen Cabinet Rack Organizer Storage Rack | £4.88 each at eBay
If you need somewhere to store those oddly-shaped utensils that won't slide into your cutlery drawer, then these racks can help. Stick them to the underside of a shelf or inside a cupboard to hang your spatulas, whisks and more. You could alternatively use these racks for storing crisps and snacks if you buy some clips.View Deal

Joseph Joseph Compact Knife Organiser | £15 at John Lewis & Partners
Need somewhere safe to store your sharp knives? This is what Mrs Hinch recommends – it's compact, it can hold nine knives in total and it comes in two colours. Sold!View Deal

Lakeland Expandable Shelf Organiser

(Image credit: Lakeland)

Lakeland Expandable Shelf Organiser | £18.99 at Lakeland
Hate storing tins that don't fit together perfectly when stacked? You need this shelf organiser. For your beans, tinned soups and even your sauces, this way you can clearly see them all as soon as you open your cupboard. And, obviously, it looks ten times nicer than just awkwardly stacking them.View Deal

Gydandir 4 Pack Tension Rod | £12.99 at Amazon
Use one of these tension rods – along with shower clips – to hang packet foods in your cupboard. We're talking crisps, nuts, packet pastas, pre-cooked rice packets and more. It'll free up space below for more storing, and it makes your cupboard so much easier to navigate! These ones were recommended to Mrs Hinch by Stacey Solomon – another person we admire for her organisation skills!View Deal

Bamboo Utensil Cutlery Holder Carry Handle Bamboo Organiser | £8.99 eBay
This bamboo rack will make storing your cutlery 10 times easier – and trendier. With a handle for easy carrying, you could even use this for your garden cutlery come warmer days.View Deal

Bamboo Wooden 2/Tier 6 Egg Cabinet | £5.19 at eBay
Because why wouldn't you want somewhere to store your eggs? This cute bamboo cabinet can hold six eggs in total and it's over two tiers. Pop it on display as Mrs Hinch has!View Deal

Stockholm Storage Jars

(Image credit: Charles Ted)

Stockholm Storage Jars | From £5 at Charles Ted
We love these storage jars which have a cork lid. Use them for storing dried foods and spices, and they come in lots of different colours. Buy yourself a Dymo label maker and get labelling.View Deal

Addis Under Sink Storage Unit | £17 at Argos
A game-changer when it comes to storing cleaning products, cloths and more under your sink, this unit can be adjusted to fit your cupboard – around your pipes etc – and it has two shelves to store more products.View Deal

Croydex White Plastic Hook Over Caddy | £3 at Wilko
Use these plastic shower caddies – along with some hooks – to store things inside your cleaning cupboard on the door. We're talking gloves, cloths...View Deal

Vintage Towel Hanging Rope Toilet Paper Holder Home Hotel Supplies Towel Stand | £7.72 at eBay
What a find! This lovely toilet roll holder is easy to hang and it's made of natural jute. Such a small, affordable but effective update to a bathroom. View Deal

4x 6 Hooks Kitchen Metal Mug Cup Holder | £2.96 each at eBay
These mug holders are simple to use – they hook over a shelf in your cupboard – and they make storing mugs so easy! Instead of stacking them ontop of one another, hang them!View Deal

Mrs Hinch bedroom storage buys

ALEX Drawer unit | From £55 at IKEA
With five drawers to store your things – two small, three large – this drawer unit is space-saving and good looking. Mrs Hinch uses it to store her makeup and hair tools and we can't think of a better way to use these drawers. They also come in five colour options if white isn't your fave furniture colour. The white one is currently sold out in the smaller size, though, so we've linked to the larger white unit.View Deal

KVISTBRO Storage table

(Image credit: IKEA)

HOMCOM Faux Leather Piano Stool Makeup Dressing Stool Bench | £44.99 at Amazon
Mrs Hinch uses this bench as a dressing table stool, while it features a tiny amount of storage space for her toiletry bags – clever! It's white wooden with a faux leather buttoned seat pad. Lift it up to reveal storage...View Deal

Mrs Hinch nursery storage

Folding Nursery Laundry Basket | £9.99 at eBay
So, Mrs Hinch uses this cute laundry basket in her son Ronnie's room. It's super affordable, large enough to fit a decent amount of clothes and bedding, and it comes in lots of colours and styles.View Deal

Wooden Nordic Style Hanging Tassel Bead Storage Wall Mounted Shelf Kids Bedroom

(Image credit: design-life)

Wooden Nordic Style Hanging Tassel Bead Storage Wall Mounted Shelf Kids Bedroom | £10.19 at eBay
This lovely shelf is lovely by Mrs Hinch and is currently hanging in her new Nursery – for Baby Hinch no 2. It's great for decor purposes, for displaying everything from soft toys to photos. It comes in a range of colours from pink to black and grey.View Deal

John Lewis & Partners 9 Section Organiser | £10 at John Lewis
So, Mrs Hinch uses these for her little boy Ronnie's clothes – she says she rolls up his tops to fit in each pocket. What a smart idea! Also, makes life so easy when it comes to finding a specific item of clothing. You can also get larger ones for jeans, trousers, jumpers...

For different size options, check out these drawer organisers from eBay.View Deal

Plywood pen holder | £6.99 at H&M Home
Mrs Hinch has two of these sweet pen holders in her new nursery, for storing things like brushes and combs atop her changing table/chest of drawers.View Deal

Metal Wire Wooden Wall Shelf Rack Storage Unit Basket With Hooks Hanging Hanger

(Image credit: yearin)

Metal Wire Wooden Wall Shelf Rack Storage Unit Basket With Hooks Hanging Hanger | £12.59 at eBay
This handy shelf is quite sturdy so you could use it for displaying heavier items from books to candles. Mrs Hinch bought one of these for the new nursery, to pair with the storage baskets below. We love!View Deal

Cotton Linen Hanging Basket Storage Plant Pot Foldable Laundry Bag Home Decor | £5.66 each at eBay
These small storage baskets are great for hiding everything from dummies to wipes, and they have hooks so you can hang them. Mrs Hinch uses them along with her wire shelf (above) and we think they are the perfect storage combination. And, so affordable!View Deal

KVISTBRO Storage table | £19 at IKEA
Another IKEA buy that Mrs Hinch uses in Ronnie's room is this storage table. She pops blankets inside and keeps the top free for toys or decorations. We may just have to copy this one as we're known to love a blanket (or 12!).View Deal

Storage Bag Baby Organiser Mummy Bottle Cup Holder Buggy Stroller Pram Pushchair | £8.99 at eBay
We know this is not technically a nursery item, but it is baby-related and very space-savvy. You pop it over your pram to hold bottles, wipes, nappies, muslins and more – all within easy reach.View Deal

Mrs Hinch living room storage buys

Storage Basket Hamper

(Image credit: eBay)

Storage Basket Hamper | £25.99 each at eBay
These white wicker hampers come in a pack of three, and they are all different sizes. Mrs Hinch uses these all around her home, but most notably on her stairs. Great for storing away things like toys, towels, blankets and more. And such a bargain!View Deal

Hama - Major Remote Control Holder | £24.99 at Amazon
Because having remotes – for the TV, games consoles etc – all over your living room doesn't exactly look nice, buy this holder to store them all when you're not using them. This way you'll never lose the remote again, and it looks tidy!View Deal

Grey Felt Baby Diaper Caddy | £6.39 at eBay
So this is actually a genius idea! Buy one of these caddies and use it to store nappies, creams, spare clothes and more. So, you needn't run upstairs to your nursery every time baby needs changing. Leave it in your living room either on show (it doesn't exactly look bad!) or under your sofa. Genius!View Deal

Mrs Hinch bathroom storage buys

SONGMICS 2-Tier Bamboo Shoe Rack

(Image credit: SONGMICS)

SONGMICS 2-Tier Bamboo Shoe Rack | £25.99 at Amazon
Use this lovely bamboo shoe rack anywhere in your home – not just for shoes! Mrs Hinch uses hers in her downstairs toilet, for decorative purposes! We love.View Deal

Maine Bathroom Storage Unit | £15 at B&M
Great for storing (and hiding) toilet rolls and products next to your toilet, this white storage unit is raved about by Mrs Hinch.View Deal

Geo Toilet Roll Holder | £8 at B&M
Need somewhere to store your toilet roll that's on display for guests? This toilet roll holder is metal, it can store three rolls at a time and it's a bargain. By the look of Mrs Hinch's downstairs toilet, she agrees! Pretty and practical.View Deal

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