Aldi is selling dupes of Jamie Oliver's enamel cookware – and it's a bargain

Aldi is stocking enamel cookware that looks just like Jamie Oliver's – and the internet has gone mad

Aldi blue round jamie oliver oven dishes
(Image credit: Aldi )

Aldi, you really are spoiling us. Earlier this week, we ran a story about Jamie Oliver's enamel cookware – and where you can buy similar pieces. And now, Aldi has launched its own range that's a dead ringer for Jamie's. 

Let's take you back a step or two. Everybody's lockdown experience has been different but if there's one thing that we've all been hooked on... it's Jamie Oliver's cooking show. Seriously, who knew fresh pasta and homemade baked bread was THAT easy?! And where on earth did that fantastic, retro, blue and white enamel cookware come from? 

Well, the answer to the second question at least is below. We're not sure where Jamie's is from, but Aldi is now selling this on trend cookware right now – as are many of our favourite retailers. And it's a bargain. Yep, that's right, we can now get started on our mission to replicate our favourite TV cook's awe inspiring shelves, stacked high with the best cookware, utensils and essentials out there

Check out the video below to marvel at Jamie in action, using our fave oven dishes, and keep scrolling for buys.

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