Slow cooked porridge: make it tonight, enjoy it tomorrow

Slow cooker porridge is the easiest, most satisfying breakfast you can make. Easy to make... find out how below

Slow cooker porridge
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Slow cooked porridge a surprise? Thought your slow cooker was only for stews and soups? Think again, this filling, nourishing breakfast is so easy to make in a slow cooker – and best of all you can press 'go' before you go to bed and wake up to find it's ready to eat before you dash out of the door. 

Use our easy guide to find out how to make slow cooker porridge. Don't miss our basic guide to how to make porridge (without the slow cooker), too. And if you need a new slow cooker, below are our best finds at the best prices today.

How to make slow cooked porridge

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You will need:

  • Porridge oats, 50 grams
  • Milk/water/plant-based milk of your choice, 300 ml, and about 50ml extra to serve;
  • Fresh fruit/jam/honey, to taste


1. Place an oven proof dish into your slow cooker.

2. Put the oats into the bowl.

3. Cover the oats with the milk or water.

4. Turn the slow cooker on to its very lowest heat setting and set the timer for up to eight hours. Stir it with a wooden spoon if you're up and about while it's on.

5. Before serving, stir the porridge well and add more milk or water if it looks a little dry for your taste. 

6. Ladle it into a bowl and pour over the extra milk. For a richer taste, you can also top up with yoghurt or cream. Top with the fruit, jam or honey. Eat immediately. 

Our top tip: Try making yours with coconut milk for a deliciously fruity, vegan take on the breakfast classic.