Lamb Rogan Josh: an easy curry recipe you can make with leftovers

This lamb Rogan Josh recipe is the perfect mid-week treat – and you can use leftovers to make it

lamb Rogan Josh recipe
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This lamb Rogan Josh recipe will help you recreate this classic curry that is many people's favourite – it has the perfect balance of flavours and really showcases the beautiful texture of marinated lamb. Marinating the lamb before cooking is essential for achieving the tender lamb pieces that make this curry so tasty. This is an easy to make recipe, too. 

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How to make lamb Rogan Josh


To make enough lamb Rogan Josh for two, you will need:

  • Cubed lamb, 400 grams
  • Plain full-fat yoghurt, 500 ml
  • Fennel seed, two teaspoons
  • Fennel seed powder, two teaspoons
  • Garam masala spice mix, two teaspoons
  • Medium-hot red chilli powder, four teaspoons
  • A cinnamon quill
  • Four whole cloves
  • Four whole cardamom seeds
  • A teaspoon of whole peppercorns
  • One large brown onion, chopped
  • Two garlic cloves, finely chopped
  • Fresh ginger, a thumbful, chopped
  • Tomato paste, a tablespoon
  • Salt, to taste
  • Rapeseed oil, six tablespoons


1. Place the cubed lamb in a large mixing bowl and add the fennel seed powder, garam masala, two teaspoons of the chilli powder, and half of the yoghurt. Mix well to coat the lamb, cover, and put in the fridge for at least half an hour – or overnight for best results.

2. In a medium-sized saucepan, heat half the oil on medium-high heat. Add the marinated lamb and fry until the moisture from the marinade has condensed and the lamb is nicely browned on all sides. Take out the lamb and set aside.

3. Add the rest of the oil to the hot pan, then add the cinnamon, clove, peppercorns, fennel seed, and cardamom and fry for two minutes. 

4. Add the onion and let soften. Add the garlic, ginger, tomato paste, and the rest of the yoghurt, and re-add the lamb. Cover with 750ml of water, season with salt, and let simmer for at least an hour and a half. 

5. Serve topped with fresh coriander with basmati rice. 

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