The cutest Dollar Tree DIY home decor ideas

From hanging lanters to super dreamy mushroom lamps 🍄

Mushroom glass lamp on green background
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I am a total DIY obsessive (well, minor DIY that is). I often buy old furniture from thrift stores and spend my weekends making it over, cutting costs without compromising on the style of my home. 

However, despite DIY projects costing less than buying items brand new, it can (at times) still often feel like they come with a heavy price tag. But that doesn’t actually have to be the case — if you’re smart about where you shop, you can do plenty on a low budget. 

To give you a few low-cost DIY ideas for crafting super cute pieces of home decor, I’ve rounded up all my favorite TikTok DIYs (along with everything you need to re-create them). 

Easy Dollar Tree DIY ideas

Mini mushroom lamps

JSYK, mushroom lamps are still totally on trend. So, why not craft some mini ones of your own? While you could opt to buy a pre-made mushroom lamp, these mini DIY ones are srsly cute (and super cheap too). 


♬ Everywhere (2017 Remaster) - Fleetwood Mac

Here's what you'll need

Here's how to create your mushroom lamp

The great thing about these mini mushroom lamps is that they're super quick and easy to create. 

Step 1: Use the white paint to paint the glass tealight holders white.

Step 2: Use the red paint to paint the glass bowls. 

Step 3: Allow to dry. 

Step 4: Place an LED tealight in the candle holder. 

Step 5: Put a glass bowl upside down on top of the candle holder to create the mushroom shape. 

Hanging lanterns

Super quick and srsly easy, this hanging lantern DIY is a great way to add a li'l extra light (and ambiance) to your room without overspending on a fancy lamp. 


♬ still tippin x all around the world x purple hat - SOFI TUKKER

Here's what you'll need

Here's how to create a hanging lantern

These hanging lanterns are a little fiddly but the end result makes it totally worth it. 

Step 1: Gently sand down the edges of the push light (to help the gold paint adhere to it better). 

Step 2: Paint the edge of the push light in gold paint and then leave to dry. 

Step 3: Glue the push light to the bottom of one of your two wire baskets. 

Step 4: Tie the two baskets together using twine, making sure that the push light remains at the top. 

Step 5: Add twine to the top of the lantern, creating a loop to hang it from. 

Wall mirrors

These DIY mirrors are so, so cute. They're also quick and ultra-easy to make. Whether you want to create an accent wall or simply want a mirror upgrade, this simple DIY will work a treat. 


♬ Flowers (feat. Nori) - In Love With A Ghost

Here's what you'll need

Here's how to create these mini wall mirrors

These wall mirrors are super easy to create and only take a few steps. 

Step 1: Use gold paint to paint the frame of each mirror, being careful not to get any paint on the mirror itself (you could opt to cover the mirror with masking tape if you're worried about spilling paint onto it). 

Step 2: Leave the gold paint to dry. 

Step 3: Once the paint is dry, you can then add the mirrors to your wall. 

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