The Christmas snowball cocktail we'll be making all throughout the festive season

A modern twist on the classic snowball drink, we're drinking Snowflakes this year...

full shot of festive snowball cocktail with Christmas deco
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The snowball drink is a classic Christmas cocktail and if it hasn't featured on your home bar menu in previous years, then this should definitely be your year to try it out. Rich, flavorsome and with a gentle hit of brandy – and a little gin in this cocktail variation's case – it's a knockout recipe that adults will love. 

If you like a regular snowball then you'll love this modern take on the classic – we're calling it the snowflake – and if you're completely new to the snowball game, then it's a fine way to dip your toes into the world of sophisticated Christmas drinks.

What is a snowball drink made of?

The classic Snowball is made from Advocaat, lemonade and cordial or fresh lemon/lime juice. This Christmas snowball recipe has a few tweaks and special additions to make this classic holiday drink even more festive. Gin, bitters and orange flower water – which really are some of the best flavors of Christmas – create the lemonade effect, without actually being lemonade...

What does a classic snowball cocktail taste like?

It's a rich but zesty drink, some say it's similar to eggnog but with a slight fizz and this isn't untrue as the Advocaat has some similarities to eggnog in look, taste and texture. 

You can make your own Advocaat – it's a basic mixture of egg yolks, sugar, vanilla and brandy – but we've suggested a shop bought version for ease. And, it's best to go with a good quality lemonade to guarantee even more successful results too. This recipe doesn't use lemonade (bold we know) but there's more flavor to it, and the texture is spot on.

How to make the snowflake

Makes one Christmas snowball


  • 50ml 58 Gin navy strength
  • 20ml Van Wees Advocaat
  • 10ml lemon 
  • 10ml lime 
  • 10ml 1:1 Sugar Syrup 
  • Dash Angostura bitters 
  • Dash orange flower water


1. Shake all your ingredients together in your best cocktail shaker.

2. Double strain into your Nick & Nora glass.

3. Add a touch of lemon zest.

What is a Nick and Nora glass?

A Nick and Nora glass is a stemmed glass that is perfect for cocktails that you'll want to sip on, elegantly. Snowballs are usually served up in Nick and Nora glasses, and you will likely recognize them from a few of your favorite old time classic Christmas movies also. 

festive Christmas snowball cocktail with holly decor

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Why is it called a snowball at all?

This fetching drink gets its name from the white foam finish on the top. Shake your cocktail well and evenly to ensure your drink is just as fluffy and beautiful as this one.