Why pairing underfloor heating with a heat pump is a winning combination

Whatever the vision for your dream home, considering your heating options early on will give you the freedom to choose the solution that best suits your property and lifestyle, as well as the opportunity to maximise the system’s eco credentials.

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Pairing efficient warm water underfloor heating (UFH) with a renewable technology such as a heat pump provides an even, controllable heat across the entire floor area, lowers the system running costs and reduces your carbon footprint.


Nu-Heat Underfloor Heating & Renewables explains why thousands of UK homeowners are falling in love with this winning combination.


Why choose a heat pump?

Choosing a heat pump has the potential to significantly lower your fuel bills as well as reduce your environmental impact. If you meet the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme criteria, you can also receive additional payments to offset the initial cost of installation.


Heat pumps use the free supply of natural heat from the air or ground to generate domestic heating and hot water, typically transferring three times the amount of energy into a property than it uses to extract it from the air or ground.

Is a heat pump right for your property?

A heat pump (whether air source or ground source) is a great eco-solution for any property, but is particularly beneficial if your property does not have access to mains gas. Your property will need to be well-insulated in order for the heat pump to operate efficiently. If your property meets current building regulations it should be suitable for heat pumps without any alterations.


Why choose underfloor heating?

UFH is an invisible heating solution that eliminates cold spots and gives you complete interior design freedom without the hassle of working around radiators. Opting for a bespoke UFH solution will ensure that the system is tailored to perfectly match your property’s build type, floor construction, insulation levels and floor coverings.


Suitable for all floor levels, UFH provides a consistent, comfortable heat across the entire floor area and is ideal for pairing with renewable solutions like heat pumps and solar thermal.


What makes heat pumps particularly compatible with underfloor heating?

Heat pumps are at their most efficient when operating at lower temperatures, making this technology ideal for teaming with UFH, which operates at a much lower flow temperature than radiators.


An eco heating solution

Efficiency was top of the wish list for Gordon and Joyce Perrie’s dream property.  From the moment they secured their ideal plot, they knew that they wanted their ‘upside-down’ (bedrooms on the ground floor, kitchen and living areas upstairs), oak-framed, eco house to team an air source heat pump with Nu-Heat underfloor heating.


The result was a comfortable, economical, silent, efficient and easy to control heating system that keeps every room of their home at just the right temperature.


We always knew that we wanted to have underfloor heating throughout the house, and love that there are no radiators to get in the way. Having zoned underfloor heating makes the system even more efficient as we can control the temperature and schedule of each area separately,” says Gordon.  “The support and information that we received from Nu-Heat before, during and after the installation was really good, and we liked the fact that they did the entire system design in-house themselves.”


Gordon adds: “We were pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to integrate an air source heat pump to provide warm water for the underfloor heating and supply all of the property’s hot water. The RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) payments that we receive for running the heat pump are an added bonus.”


All Nu-Heat supplied air source and ground source heat pumps meeting key commissioning conditions benefit from an extensive seven year guarantee, covering the heat pump for the entire RHI payment period.

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