How to cook smoked haddock – 4 failsafe methods for delicious results

This is how to cook smoked haddock to perfection for a deliciously flavored meal – breakfast, lunch or dinner...

smoked haddock on a plate with a poached egg and yolk, and asparagus
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If you want to know how to cook smoked haddock, then you are in the right place as we have four fabulous and failsafe ways for you to cook this beautiful fish, whether you're putting it in kedgeree like Jamie Oliver – very good choice – having it on toast with poached eggs, or in another marvelous meal. 

Not only is smoked haddock such an easy, delicious fish to cook, but it's also pretty darn healthy so it's a gorgeous and filling option all throughout the year, but especially in the depths of winter! Kids love it just as much as adults, it's inexpensive and as it is so flavorsome from the smoking process, it actually requires little to no seasoning at all, as it's already got the perfect balance texture and flavor. Persuaded much?

From poaching, to baking and cooking it just like Jamie Oliver, keep scrolling for our favorite four ways to cook smoked haddock quickly and easily.

Do you have to cook smoked haddock?

This can be a little confusing, especially with smoked salmon, which can be eaten as it is. Smoked haddock is cold smoked but yes, it does require cooking. But it's not complicated, and doesn't require you to buy any new appliances such as the best air fryer

1. How to poach smoked haddock

Poaching smoked haddock in milk is one of the best ways to cook this fish to help retain its moisture. Simply heat up about 200ml of milk in a deep frying pan, season with black pepper, add the haddock, and simmer for about 10 minutes. Make sure the milk doesn't boil, just slowly simmers. 

2. How to cook smoked haddock like Jamie Oliver

Similar to our first method, when Jamie Oliver cooks kedgeree (opens in new tab), he puts the fish in a shallow pan with enough liquid to cover the fish in it, and his secret ingredient? Bay leaves! He then brings it to the boil, before covering it to simmer the haddock for five minutes until cooked through, and ready to eat or use in a recipe. This is one of the most inventive ways for working out how to cook smoked haddock.

3. How to bake smoked haddock

Baking smoked haddock is supremely easy: preheat the oven to 200°C/gas mark 6, wrap the haddock in foil or greaseproof paper with a small wedge of unsalted butter, bake for 15-20 minutes. For a more intriguing flavour, add some dill or parsley to the butter. 

4. How to fry smoked haddock

Although we prefer baking or poaching smoked haddock, it can also be pan fried. Warm up a bit of olive or rapeseed oil in a shallow frying pan, coat the haddock fillets in a couple of tablespoons of plain flour, and fry for four minutes on each side on medium heat. Be careful while flipping the fish to ensure it doesn't fall apart. 

Serve: for a super-healthy lunch, serve with your favorite eggs and asparagus. 

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