I've been using TikTok's viral duvet burrito method for months — now changing my bedding is easy

Dreaded chore, no more

Duvet burrito method: Rolled duvet stamped on peach colored background
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I know I'm not the only one who HATES changing my bedding. Yes, the feeling of clean sheets is amazing (especially with freshly-shaven legs), but that doesn't stop me from leaving the dreaded chore until the last moment possible — usually past midnight when I'm desperate to dive into bed. And there's nothing worse than stripping your sheets before you go out and forgetting about it. 

It's a task that takes a lot of effort. I call it the "fortnightly fight," where I'm left sweaty, frustrated, and certainly ready to sleep. You too? Well, believe me when I say TikTok's viral duvet burrito method has changed my life. Forget all the stuffing, pulling, and aggressive tugging, this hack has made putting my cozy duvet insert inside its cover as easy as rolling a tortilla.

Freshening up your bed with zero struggles is possible. Here's how to do the burrito hack I've been using for months.

What is the duvet burrito method hack?


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Step 1: After you've put on your fitted sheet (and sprayed it with wrinkle release spray, if you're extra, like me), turn your duvet cover inside out and put it on the bed as if you were making it, with the opening at the bottom.

Step 2: Lay out your duvet insert or comforter on top, matching each of the corners. 

Step 3: Start at the head of your bed and roll baby, roll. 

Step 4: When you reach the bottom of your bed, flip the opening of your duvet cover over one end of the burrito, and then the other. Pull the middle section over the duvet until your cover is on the outside. 

Step 5: Unroll your burrito, and you'll have a perfectly made bed.  

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