8 cabinet cleaning hacks to tackle grease, grime, and stains

Because your cabinets deserve better

A person using a microfiber cloth and a cleaning spray to wipe kitchen cabinets.
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You assume that your kitchen cabinets are invisible — after all, they’re not exactly a statement item, are they? And yet, they’re somewhat of a kitchen focal point, which means that if they’re visibly grimy people are going to notice. 

So, with that in mind, let’s talk kitchen cabinet cleanliness. The reality for many of us is that while we're wiping our countertops, rinsing the sink, and ticking other items off our kitchen cleaning checklist, the one area of the kitchen that is most likely to get neglected is our kitchen cabinets. 

That means cabinets end up coated in a low-key icky (and rather unsanitary) layer of grease, grime, or dust — maybe all three. So, keeping your cabinets clean is kinda vital. The good news is that getting your kitchen cabinets clean, both inside and out, is actually much easier than you think. 

To help you say see ya never to grease, grime, and stains on your cabinets, we've rounded up some helpful cleaning tips and tricks worth trying.

What are the best cabinet cleaning hacks?

1. Vacuum up dust and crumbs

I saw this hack on TikTok and thought it was totally genius. I mean, why wipe dust and dirt into your hand or risk it spilling onto your countertops when you could simply suck it up with your vacuum? Cordless vacs (like the Shark Stratos Pet Pro that I’m obsessed with) that come with a removable handheld tank are ideal to use. Alternatively, you could always use a duster (like from this Amazon's Choice set) or a microfiber cloth instead to remove dust, dirt, and crumbs.  

2. Use dish soap to remove grease

Alright, so this one is a little basic but, honestly, it’s quick, easy, and it works. So what’s not to love? Whether you’re cleaning the interior or the exterior of your kitchen cabinets, you can’t go wrong with hot soapy water. I usually use a squirt of my go-to Method dish soap from Amazon for this and a clean sponge or microfiber cloth. FYI, dish soap is a total lifesaver for removing grease from a lot of things.

3. Use glass cleaner on glass cabinets

If your cabinets have a glass front or glass shelves, ensure they remain streak-free by using glass cleaner (Windex from Amazon is our fave) and a microfiber cloth to buff them. Just make sure to get rid of any leftover residue, otherwise, it may transfer to plates, pots, or food packets. 

4. Remove stains with baking soda and water

If you have light-colored cabinets, chances are stains will show up more prominently and getting rid of them can be a struggle. Sigh. But, in better news, a handy hack for effortlessly removing stains is to create a paste using baking soda. We always recommend Arm & Hammer from Amazon and water. Apply to your cabinets using a sponge, allowing the mixture to sit on any stained areas for a few minutes, before gently scrubbing and wiping it away.  

5. Polish wood cabinets with a microfiber cloth

For wooden cabinets, a great way to ensure that the wood always looks its best is to polish using a microfiber cloth and a wood polish spray like this one from Pledge (sold at Amazon). Make sure to buff away any remaining polish after use.  

6. Use white vinegar to remove fingerprints

Do you have sticky or grimy fingerprints spread across your cabinets? Mix a solution of 50/50 water and white vinegar (we always use Heinz which you can get from Amazon), dip a microfiber cloth in the solution, and hold it onto the fingerprints for a minute or two. Then gently buff clean with the cloth — it’s that easy. 

7. Use an eraser to remove scuffs

Noticed a scuff on a cabinet door that just won’t seem to budge? Try gently using the corner of an eraser to remove it. Carefully rub the eraser over the scuffed area and it should remove the mark. It sounds kinda strange, but it works so well.

8. Clean cabinet tops with a Swiffer mop and microfiber cloth

It’s easy to forget about the tops of the cabinets, but dust really likes to hang out there, so it’s important to keep the area clean. Attach a microfiber cloth — or a microfiber reusable mop pad like this one from Amazon — to your trusty Swiffer mop and use that to easily clean the tops of your cabinets. 

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