Soup recipes: the simple and satisfying way to eat more veg

These healthy soup recipes are perfect for batch cooking, using up leftovers and increasing your daily veg intake

healthy soup recipes: veg in a pan
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Knowing a couple of healthy soup recipes can really transform your weekday lunch routine. Soup is easy to make and store in batches, and safe to reheat in a microwave the next day (in fact, we've reheated our soups for up to three times without any issues). 

There are lots of ways to make soup – you can use a simple pot, a slow cooker, a food processor or blender. Whatever you've got in your kitchen will come in handy, and the soup will still turn out just fine. The following recipes all use a simple kitchen pot, but all of them can be made using a slow cooker, too.  

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Healthy soup recipes

Tomato and lentil soup

This tomato and lentil soup is a cut above the rest – tomatoes and curried lentils are combined with creamy coconut milk and slow cooked for extra flavour.

Chicken and sweetcorn soup

Slow cooking this chicken and sweetcorn soup will make the meat beautifully tender, while requiring minimal effort. Plus, the added chilli and lime make it a little more zingy and flavourful than your average chicken broth.

Potato soup

This potato soup is packed full of flavour when slow cooked on the hob or in a slow cooker with mushrooms, chicken stock and plenty of seasoning. And the best thing about it is that it's made with ingredients most of us already have in the fridge. 

Butternut squash soup

Knowing how to make butternut squash soup means you'll always have a healthy but hearty soup recipe up your sleeve, transforming your weekday lunch routine and making for a handy standby for weekends, too. 

Pea and ham soup

Pea and ham soup is pretty darn tasty and requires minimal ingredients – we're not kidding when we say that peas and ham are pretty much all you'll need. Flavoured with a little stock, some seasoning and an onion, this tasty dish is perfect for days when you're really short on supplies but want to make something that's healthy and hearty.

Vegetable soup

The beauty of vegetable soup is that you can use whatever you have hanging around in the fridge to whip up a delicious and super nutritious meal with minimal effort. Whether you're working with half a courgette, some sad looking pieces of pepper, a couple of on-the-turn onions, or anything else, it's quite difficult to go wrong if you're liberal with the seasoning.

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