Add space and value: Convert your loft

Make the most of unused roof space by converting it into another room. House designer Hugo Tugman, founder of Architect Your Home, offers his advice on converting your loft into living space and potentially increasing your home's value by 20 percent.

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Hugo Tugman, founder of Architect Your Home, offers his advice on how converting your loft could increase your home’s value by 20 percent.

Make the most of your unused space

‘A loft conversion could add up to 20 percent to the value of your home without taking space from the garden. Also, as it won’t need foundations or groundworks, it’s very cost-effective. If you have already added a kitchen extension on the ground floor, your home might be “bottom-heavy”, so by adding another bedroom, or better still a bedroom and bathroom en suite, you will add significant value to the property.’

Consider your design options

‘You don’t necessarily need to visit a special loft company – consider architects, too, to make the best use of the space. There is a range of different layouts available, which largely depend upon where the staircase is positioned. One trick is to have the door to the loft room at the foot of the new stairs rather than at the top. With the stairs as an integral part of the new accommodation you will achieve a greater sense of space.’

Choose an open-plan layout

‘Where space is a little tight, make the bedroom and bathroom semi- or completely open-plan. While this may not suit everyone, it does give a much more capacious feeling in restrictive spaces.’

Loft bedrooms, more than any other space, will benefit from efficient, well thought out storage, so consider fitted units, such as Willoughby wardrobes from Hammonds. It costs around £2,500 to have an average bedroom fitted out by Hammonds.

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