Thinking of joining a wine club? These 3 are currently offering discounts for new customers

Because we all could use a wine club right about now.

Wine clubs
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Fancy becoming a wine connoisseur while quarantining? We joke, but if you love wine and are thinking of expanding your knowledge of oenology (that's the study of wine, FYI), a wine club might be for you. Not only do you get an understanding of the complex world of the grape, but you can get cases delivered to your door while we're all still stuck indoors – and new customers can get great deals from some of the top wine clubs.

There are plenty of wine clubs out there and most have some sort of deal to attract potential customers, but we think we've found the best three. First up is Winc, an online wine club with easy-on-the-eye contemporary branding that's offering $20 off your first order when you join. Elsewhere, cute wine-in-a-can brand Wine Society is offering 10% off first orders with newsletter signup, while the prestigious Wall Street Journal's Wine Club has a huge $185 off their top 12 collection when you join their Discovery Club.

Phew! With so many discounts around, it definitely pays to be a new customer right now. And if you're a wine lover, being part of a club gets you all sorts of benefits, from regular money off to special events – check out our breakdown of each offer below to find out more. We'll see you at happy hour with a glass of red in hand. Cheers!

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