Sky broadband prices to rise, says Money Saving Expert

A Sky broadband price rise is imminent for tens of thousands of customers – here's what you need to know if you're with Sky

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A Sky broadband price hike is set to increase broadband and TV prices for tens of thousands of Sky customers, according to Money Saving Expert. Sky had already announced price increases for millions of its customers back in April, and the latest announcement will only affect those who hadn't had a notification of a price increase then. 

Bills rising amid Covid-19 are unwelcome, but there may be ways you can work around this price rise. 

How much is the Sky broadband price increase?

According to the piece on Money Saving Expert's website, depending on your contract type, your bills will go up by a maximum of £6 a month, although Sky claim that the average customer will only be set back by £3 a month. Sky Broadband Essential will go up by £2 a month, as will the Sky Entertainment package.

Will I be penalised for leaving?

That depends on whether you are a broadband or TV customer. If you're on a Sky Broadband Essential contract, you will be able to leave without a penalty, once you've received official notice of the price increased from Sky.

You will have to pay a penalty if you're mid-contract on a TV package. If you're currently out of contract, though, the world's your oyster and you should shop around for a better deal. 

'If you're out of contract, you can leave penalty-free, so you have a lot of leverage,' advises the article on Money Saving Expert. 'You're likely paying over the odds, so check if you can find a better deal... Alternatively, if you want to stick with Sky you're in a great position to renegotiate a better deal (you can try this if you're still in contract too, though your bargaining position won't be as strong).'

Should I switch broadband providers?

That entirely depends on whether you can find a cheaper deal than what the Sky broadband will cost you once prices have increased. Of course, there's no point switching if you're happy with the price, but it's always a good idea to shop around for a better deal, especially if you're able to leave without paying any fees.