Last-minute shopping? Here are 7 sensible gifts for the people who love practicality

Practical people need spoiling too, and we found 7 sensible gifts to spark their interest

sensible gifts
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Practical people are by far the hardest to shop for come the holiday season, and this year it's a bit more justified. As a result of so many of us spending more time than ever before at home, we unpractical people have noticed just how useless so many of the items we have lying around our homes are. So the last thing we want to do is gift more... well, stuff. 

Which leads all of us to the very reasonable question of: how do we successfully shop for sensible gifts this holiday season? You see, most of us associate the term 'practicall' with 'boring' and when we're looking to gift our loved ones something other than a blasé pair of socks, it requires more effort and consideration. And what's the solution?

Your goal is crystal clear: find useful items that the intended recipient is already relying heavily on and either refresh them or upgrade them.

Now, whether that is investing in a new mattress topper, a cordless vacuum, or non-stick frying pan is up to you; however, the options are endlessly versatile as are the price points. But, are you finding that you still need some additional assistance? Not a problem. 

We've rounded up seven of the most sensible gifts to give the most practical people in your life — continue scrolling to see what did (or didn't) make our list! 

1. An instant pot 

sensible gifts

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Instant Pot Duo Nova 8qt 7-in-1 One-Touch Multi-Use Programmable Electric Pressure Cooker with New Easy Seal Lid l Was $119.99, Now $69.99, at Target

Even in quarantine, we're all still looking for ways to find more hours in the day, and one easy (and effective) way to shorten the time we spend in the kitchen is with this instant pot. This 8qt pressure cooker will have you mastering the art of the one-pot-meal, In no time! View Deal

2. This Fitbit Versa 2

sensible gfits

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Fitbit Versa 2 Rose Elastomer Strap Touchscreen Smart Watch 39mm for $179.95, at Macy's

The one sacrifice we're making as we turn on yet another Netflix show? Moving our body — and this Fitbit is an excellent way (and painful reminder) that we need to put down the remote and pick up the pace!View Deal

3. This foldable indoor bike

sensible gifts

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ATIVAFIT Indoor Cycling Bike Folding Magnetic Upright Bike for $134.99, at Amazon

Are you shopping for someone short on space? If so, this foldable bike is a great gifting option. Not only can it seamlessly store in any room or corner, but it allows recipients to get some much-needed cardio for just under $200!View Deal

4. This cookbook

sensible gifts

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Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat: A Cookbook by Chrissy Teigen starting at $7.99, at Amazon

Attention aspiring chefs! There's never been a better time to sharpen those culinary skills, and this cookbook  is an excellent guide for anyone who is looking to master the art of the kitchen and wrap themselves up in so many comfort foods. 

Still, want more Chrissy? Check out her holiday cooking tipsView Deal

5. This beauty fridge 

sensible gifts

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Flawless Mini Beauty and Skincare Refrigerator l Was $59.99, Now $39.99, at Bed Bath & Beyond

If you're anything like me, your bathroom is overflowing with beauty products, and you're always looking for smarter ways to store them. Enter: this beauty fridge – it's the ultimate organizer for anyone who is looking for a practical way to keep their prettiest formulas fresher than ever. View Deal

6. This smart mug

sensible gifts

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Ember Temperature Control 14oz Smart Mug for $129.99, at Best Buys

Designed for home or office, the Ember mug and its companion smartphone app allow you to set your precise drinking temperature for hot beverages, track caffeine consumption, save presets for your favorite drinks, customize the LED color, and more. This mug will maintain your chosen temperature for approximately 80 minutes, so your warm beverage stays perfect from the first sip to the last drop, making its steeper price-point well worth the investment. View Deal

7. This personalized paper

sensible gifts

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Personalized Two Letter Monogram Stationery  for $21.95, at Amazon

Everything is better with the personalized touch, and this monogram stationery is no exception. All you have to do is add your intended recipient's initials, and it receives our seal-of-approval! View Deal