ON SALE! Classic Anglepoise lamps... the perfect Christmas gifts for design nerds

Anglepoise are hugely discounted at Amazon right now – a boon for fans of the iconic lighting brand

Anglepoise sale
(Image credit: Amazon)

We are huge fans of Anglepoise lamps at Real Homes. The iconic brand has been making their gorgeous desk lamps since the 1930s, and they look as chic as ever. What makes them even more special, though, is the perfect fusion of design and excellent construction: we have a few at Real Homes Towers, and they just last and last. 

This kind of quality doesn't come cheap, though, and we'd normally recommend waiting until the Boxing Day sales to get your lamps. However, as it happens, Amazon have some amazing sales on right now, which include several of the most iconic Anglepoise designs. We'd be quick getting them, as these prices won't be around for long.  

Shop even more deals in our Amazon sales hub. 

Anna Cottrell
Anna Cottrell

In 2018 Anna moved into the world of interiors from academic research in the field of literature and urban space and joined Realhomes.com as Staff Writer. She has a longterm interest in space-making and the evolution of interior style. She can also be found looking for the latest innovations in sustainable homewares or buying yet more bedding.