Is social-distancing giving you gym withdrawal? These cheap home fitness deals will keep you on track

These gym equipment deals will have you in top health without even leaving your house

Has social distancing given you gym withdrawal? These cheap home fitness deals will keep you on track
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Gyms are closing their doors nationwide in an attempt to enforce social distancing, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your workout routine. After all, keeping fit and healthy has countless benefits for your immune system and mental health. When it comes to working out at home, we know what we’re talking about. We’ve covered everything from the best treadmills to the best dumbells, and now we’ve tracked down the best home gym equipment deals on Amazon.

We recently told you about this great deal on a foldable exercise bike, but you might not have the space for anything bulkier - like a rowing machine or bench press. Investing in a few small (and inexpensive) items can see you through prolonged periods indoors while still keeping active. If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard you can even indulge in some fresh air while you exercise, as many of our top picks are lightweight and don’t need to be kept indoors. Be sure to check out our guide to home workouts for inspiration on workouts and easy reps you can manage at home. 

Let's start with the iconic balance exercise ball. We love these for strengthening the core and improving posture when working from home, but they're not just good chair substitutes! This versatile piece of equipment can be used to enhance your floor workout, too. 

Resistance bands are another simple piece of gym equipment. They can be used in yoga, pilates, resistance training or to help your squats pack an extra punch. With either of these, you'll probably need a yoga mat to make your space workout-worthy. These cushion, support and add grip for safe at-home exercise. 

A low-cost way to stay fit if you're looking to get your pulse racing comes in the simple form of a jump-rope. Just be careful to clear a wide space, or you'll send furniture flying. Another high-intensity option (with a slightly higher price) is an upright bike. A great Amazon deal can secure you one with eight levels of resistance for less than $200. If you're a committed gym-goer willing to spend a little more for some high-quality equipment, this is our top pick. 

When you're used to the lumbar-supporting chairs from work, working from home can be a back-killer. It's definitely worth checking out our guide to Amazon work from home office deals if you're lacking home-office essentials, but a foam roller will get your blood rushing and help stretch out tired and under-worked muscles. A worthwhile investment for warming up or down when working out from home. This one even has a spinal column, relieving knots and easing back pain.