Garden obelisks on sale online! Get yours delivered – and get gardening

Crocus are offering 15% off on garden obelisks – great for everything from climbing roses to peas

Garden obelisk from Crocus
(Image credit: Crocus)

Garden obelisks are one of the best garden accessories out there – not only are they functional, helping you successfully grow climbing plants, but they're also very pretty, creating a focal point in your garden. Whether you're planning to start a rose garden, train up a jasmine or clematis plant, or want to grow peas or beans, a garden obelisk or arch is a must. 

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Crocus are currently offering 15 per cent off all their garden obelisks and arches – a good deal especially if you're after a large piece. For example, the very pretty Feather Garden Arch is currently £144.49, down from £169.99. 

Should you go for an obelisk or an arch? That very much depends on the shape and growing nature of your plant. If it's beans and peas you're planning on growing, definitely go for an obelisk. Jasmine will do pretty much whatever you train it to do, so will look equally good growing up either an obelisk or an arch. Rambling or climbing roses, on the other hand, will look best on an arch.

Anna Cottrell
Anna Cottrell

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