A washing machine cycle for your face mask? Yes, there is

You can download a programme to a smart machine and keep your face covering clean

Hoover H-WASH washing machine
(Image credit: Haier Europe)

If you’ve opted for a reusable face covering rather than a throwaway version, keeping it clean is essential. A good place to start is by making sure you have the best washing machine for germ busting, then you need to work out how to wash it effectively. Choosing the right washing machine cycle to do just that has been made easy for the owners of smart washing machines from Hoover and Candy as, in a bid to help stop the spread of Covid-19, parent company Haier Europe has launched two mask cleaning programmes.

Taking advantage of the smart machine’s facility to download new cycles, the programmes offer mask sanitisation at 60ºC for around 110 minutes, or mask refresh, which runs for 45 minutes at 40ºC.

You’ll need to be the owner of one of the latest smart washing machines from the two brands to download: they’re the AXI, H-WASH, Smart Pro, Rapid’Ó and Bianca models. Once the programmes are downloaded, your machine can set the temperature, time and intensity of the wash, as well as indicating the correct dose of detergent to be used and the load capacity.

The ability to update the machine remotely is a huge benefit of a smart washer. Piergiorgio Bonfiglioli, marketing director, IoT – Smart Solutions at Haier Europe, said ‘Through the digital platforms on which our smart products rely, ie, without intervening directly on the product, we have the possibility to innovate and introduce new functions very quickly.’

The upside of wearing a face mask or face covering that does require washing over a disposable version is that reusable masks create less waste that ends up in landfill, plus they’re a cheaper option in the long run as well. Remember that you will need more than one reusable face mask so there’s always a clean one available.

Don’t worry about getting your face covering clean if you don’t have a smart washing machine. We’ve got the lowdown on how to wash a face mask so you can keep yours hygienic.

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