10 entryway rugs that make a stylish first impression

These entryway rugs provide a taste of what visitors can expect in your home design

entryway rugs: Southwest Plaid Accent Rug Gray
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Entryway rugs may seem like a minor aspect of your home décor, but they’re far more than that. They provide the first impression of your style and space, and-bonus-they catch the dirt and grime that comes in with you when you enter your home, especially in the winter months when we're all contending with snow, salt, and mud. 

We’ve pulled together a list of our favorite entryway rugs in a variety of fabrics and designs. Whether you need something neutral and simple or you want a pop of color, fun boho designs, something modern and chic, or a hardworking doormat to content with snow boots, we’ve got some wonderful picks.

If you don't love any of these entryway rugs, why not create your own! Aldi is offering a rug weaving kit that we're scrambling to try. 

Luxe Weavers Euston Abstract Modern Area Rug

Luxe Weavers Euston Gray Abstract Modern Rug |$20.00 at Amazon

The abstract design of this rug means that it'll add a modern touch to your home, while also camouflaging dirt. With multiple color options, from beige to black-and-turquoise or multi-colored tones, you'll be able to choose one that matches your décor. 

Southwest Plaid Accent Rug Gray

Southwest Plaid Accent Rug Gray | $19.99 at Target

The tassels, Southwestern print, and gray-and-white color mix come together perfectly to create a doormat that's homey with a touch of upscale design. Plus, it's an indoor-outdoor rug, making it a perfect pick if you live in a damp climate or need a rug for a high-traffic entry. 

Amberboi Fiber Handwoven Jute/Sisal Brown Area Rug

Amberboi Fiber Handwoven Jute/Sisal Brown Area Rug |$55.99 at Wayfair

This natural-fiber handwoven rug will have visitors stopping to exclaim over the intricately coiled rope design. With a neutral color, it's sure to match all types of interior decors from cottage-chic to farmhouse. You can order it in sizes from 3' - 12' round, too, so you can choose the perfect size for your space. We'd use this one as a base for a round entryway table. 

Unique Loom Baracoa Collection Bright Tones Vintage Traditional Light Blue Area Rug

Unique Loom Baracoa Collection Bright Tones Vintage Traditional Light Blue Area Rug |$26.47 at Amazon

The elegant design on this Baracoa rug provides any vintage or traditional home a pop of color in the entryway. But note: it only looks like an antique. It's made or durable polypropylene, a material used on indoor-outdoor rugs, making it a great pick for a high-traffic entry. 

MUBIN Cotton Buffalo Plaid Rug Black

MUBIN Cotton Buffalo Plaid Rug Black |$26.47 at Amazon

This entryway rug has been everywhere this year, especially layered with a doormat on the porch. We love it for inside the house, too, since it's classic, eye-catching, and machine-washable. 

Aramis Rug

Portrait Copper Runner | $212 at CB2

This Persian-style runner in an on-trend copper hue is great for entries that open to a narrow hallway or a set of stairs. It's a hand-knotted cotton/poly/wool blend, so it'll offer mid-range durability. 

Green And Natural Geometric Leather And Jute Area Rug

Green and Natural Geometric Leather And Jute Area Rug |$19.99 at World Market

If you have a small entryway, this 2' x 3' rug is  great choice. It's a combination of recycled green leather and textured jute and cotton so it's durable, and the tassel fringe and contrasting texture will offer a stylish first impression. 

Safavieh Craft Margaretha Modern Abstract Rug

Safavieh Craft Margaretha Modern Abstract Rug |$39.59 at Overstock

Add this Margaretha abstract rug to your gray or black color scheme and watch as the white marble-like design pops in your entryway. 

Smyth Handmade Braided Wool Gold Area Rug

Smyth Handmade Braided Wool Area Rug |$56.99 at Wayfair

The Smyth braided wool rug may have a simple design, but with a wide array of color options and styles -- oval, round, and runner -- it's a great choice for an entryway rug as it won't overwhelm or take away from your room design. Choose one of the deeper tones to camouflage dirt. 

Grand Bazaar Marengo Area Rug

Grand Bazaar Marengo Area Rug |$42.79 at Overstock

What's chicer than a black-and-white rug? Perhaps the Grand Bazaar Marengo Rug for its square-like design that'll look great in an Art Deco space. Since it has a white background, and it's wool, this rug is ideal for a formal entry that doesn't get a ton of use, but this isn't one we'd stick in the mudroom. 

Which rug is right for you?

If you're having trouble choosing an entryway rug that fits your home design you'll want to read our online guide! And when the time comes to clean the filth and grime from your coming and goings, know that we have you covered. In another article, we share two ways to turn your rug from "meh" to marvelous. 

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