The best bedlinen: 9 picks for a perfect night's sleep

Our round-up of the best bedlinen will not only make your bedroom look amazing, but provide the comfiest night's sleep too...

Best bedding: Sainsburys Home bedding
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No bedroom design is complete without excellent bedlinen, and that's a fact. But what are the latest colours, designs, fabrics and styles to choose from? Which bedlinen design will suit your space – and which one to steer clear of?

Whether you're investing in new bedlinen as part of a complete bedroom redesign or are simply looking to give a tired looking space new life,  find out everything you never knew you needed to know about bedlinen... and more.

Psst... before you invest in your lovely new bed linen, make sure you have a quick gander at our round up of the best current bedding deals. You might just find yourself a bargain. 

Choosing the best bedlinen

Is styling the priority or the quality of the material? There's no reason why you can't get both, but some high-end materials (think organic cotton and silk) will be more limited in colour options. 

Next, think about how low-maintenance you'd like to bedlinen to be: polycotton duvet sets might not have the luxury credentials of 100 per cent cotton, but they are easy to care for and often require no ironing. 

A word on thread count: does more always mean better? Our advice is to read the small print: is the cotton long staple? If it is, then even a lower thread count will give you great quality. Watch out for anything that claims to have a thread count over 1,000, as it's simply not necessary (or really possible) to have cotton fabric that dense. 

And as for the style, there are literally thousands of designs available on the market, which is why we're guiding you through our selection of the most versatile options; these designs will work in any bedrooms, regardless of size or design scheme.  

1. Choose classic, go-with-anything white

There is nothing quite like the pleasure of slipping under crisp white sheets. Plain or textured, the variations of white bedlinen are almost endless. 

Our pick is the subtly embossed Margo Selby Sussex White Cotton range (below), available at Lagoon.

Margo Selby Sussex White Cotton Duvet Cover

(Image credit: Lagoon)

Soak & Sleep's Egyptian Cotton bedlinen (below) is fantastic quality and value for money. Ranging from classic 200 thread count to the very luxurious 600 thread count, it won't disappoint even the fussiest among us. 

Soak & Sleep bedlinen

(Image credit: Soak & Sleep)

2. Go ethical without compromising on style

If your goal is to create an eco-friendly home, then sustainable bedlinen is definitely something to consider. 

The Ponto Duvet Cover by Undercover is made from 50 per cent cotton and 50 per cent tencel, an eco-friendly material that requires much less energy and water to produce than cotton. And its stylish abstract print will look perfect as part of a contemporary bedroom scheme.  

Undercover Ponto duvet set

(Image credit: Undercover)

3. Opt for a relaxed look with linen

Loaf Lazy Linen in Kigfisher

(Image credit: Loaf)

We love linen. It's soft (and gets softer the more you wash it), it keeps you cool (perfect for sweaty sleepers), and its crinkly texture creates a relaxed, boho look that is trendy and versatile. Linen also comes in a variety of colours, so shop around, and you may well find the exact colour you're looking for. 

Our favourites are the cheerful Lazy Linen in Kingfisher from Loaf (above) and the sophisticated  Lisbon Bed Linen in Silver from the French Bedroom Company (below). 

Lisbon Bed Linen in Silver Grey French Bedroom Co

(Image credit: French Bedroom Co)

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4. Choose an on trend but affordable option

Bedroom by Ikea

(Image credit: Ikea)

On a tight budget? Not a problem – Ikea has lots of bedlinen sets for as little as £20 (above).

We also really like this Marble Duvet Cover set from Wayfair (below). At £14.99, this polycotton number packs in plenty of wow factor. Perfect for a guest bedroom. 

Marble Duvet Set by Wayfair Basics

(Image credit: Wayfair )

5. Pick grey for versatility

Damask Jaquard set by Catherine Lansfield

(Image credit: Wayfair)

Everyone loves a grey bedroom colour scheme; it's a relaxing and elegant colour, and works equally well in traditional bedrooms or modern bedroom designs. 

For a traditional bedroom, a patterned or etched design is right on the nose; the Damask Jacquard Duvet Cover Set by Catherine Lansfield (above) looks regal with its opulent silvery sheen.

If you like an all-natural option, then look no further than the 100 per cent Linen Bedding from John Lewis. Shown (below) in Slate.

John Lewis Croft Collection 100% Linen Bedding, Slatefrom £20

(Image credit: John Lewis)

6. Pick pastels to cheer up a contemporary bedroom

Worried that your ultra-sleek bedroom may be looking a little severe? Lighten things up with a pastel-toned bedlinen set. The Sorrento Rich 200 Tread Count Duvet Cover Set by Wildon Home comes in three delicious candy hues and will work with most bedroom design schemes, but especially for softening dark grey bedrooms. 

Sorrento Rich 200 TC Duvet Cover Set by Wildon Home

(Image credit: Wildon Home)

7. Go dark and moody for maximum impact

Dark and atmospheric room schemes are definitely making a big noise at the moment, but how to make it work? Or what if you love the idea but aren't 100 per cent committed? We say, start with a dark focal point – bedlinen's a good option since you can swap it any time when you want a new look. 

The Luxury Ink Blue Set by Secret Linen Store works in this bedroom, which is otherwise light and neutral. 

Secret Linen Store Luxury ink blue set, lifestyle 3, £18-145

(Image credit: Secret Linen Store)

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8. Choose silk bedlinen for ultimate luxury

If a luxurious sleeping experience is your priority, you can't do much better than silk bedlinen. Smooth and temperature-regulating, silk is the ultimate treat. It's also great for people with sensitive skin or those who would like their bedding to contribute to their anti-ageing skin regime. Plus, silk pillowcases are rumoured to banish bedhead for good. Silk doesn't come cheap, but is so worth it as a special investment.

The Luxury Mulberry Silk Bed Linen by Soak & Sleep is probably the nearest you'll come to sleeping on a cloud – and it looks irresistible, too.  

Soak & Sleep silk bedlinen

(Image credit: Soak & Sleep)

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9. Go organic – it's good for you, and the planet

So what is the difference between regular cotton and organic cotton? Firstly, organic cotton is much kinder to the planet (and the people who grow and harvest the plant). Requiring less water to manufacture, it has a smaller environmental impact. It's also great if you are an allergy sufferer, since organic cotton is produced without the use of pesticides. 

Our pick is the very fine Organic Cotton Duvet Sets from White and Green. 

White Bedding with White Waffle Bedspread

(Image credit: White and Green Home)

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