DIY countertops – 5 ways to upgrade your kitchen worktops quickly and cheaply

Revamp your kitchen with these super easy DIY countertops ideas and just wait for the compliments to roll in. Easy, affordable and super stylish

DIY kitchen worktop ideas to update your kitchen quickly and cheaply
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If you want a new kitchen, but can't quite afford the cash or upheaval that goes with installing one from scratch then listen up. We've gathered a few easy ways to DIY countertops so that you can revamp yours quickly, and on a budget too!

This doesn't mean ripping out your kitchen countertops at all, actually, and instead you're working with them, playing around with different surface finishes and colors. So keep scrolling for our inspiration and in no time at all your kitchen will be feeling and looking super fresh. 

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1. Revarnish your kitchen worktops 

Topps Tiles tiled splashback

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Yes, it's an obvious one,  but if you have wooden kitchen worktops a new coat of varnish could be all they need to make your kitchen feel a bit fresher. You could switch up the varnish you usually use and go for something darker or spend the time sanding down your worktops and go in with lighter varnish. 

2. Go for a marbled look with contact paper

Wooden shelves holding vintage ornaments, house plants and chopping boards with herringbone tiling and marble surfaces

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

Another easy kitchen worktop update is to cover them in contact paper. There are loads of really lovely, realistic options on offer now, especially if you like the look of marble worktops but not so keen on the price. B&Q sells a marble-effect self-adhesive film for just £8. You will need a wallpaper smoother and a fair bit of patience for the job but the result can be amazing. 

3. Laminate your kitchen counters

January 2020: Clare Pater used her skills as an interior designer and her knack for finding a bargain to transform her family's new home

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For a super clean and refreshed finish, you can laminate your kitchen counters. It's a great option if you're doing your kitchen on a budget and now there's a huge variety of colors to choose from too. While it might be tempting to get the cheapest one out there, we would recommend going for quality here as it will show!

4. Paint your kitchen worktops 

White fridge in a vintage style kitchen with green cabinetry, patterned splashback and salmon walls

(Image credit: Big Chill)

Painting kitchen worktops will work best if your worktops are wooden, but if you are working with laminate don't worry, you can still paint them, you just need to be vigilant with the prep. We would recommend following our guide to how to paint kitchen cabinets as the steps and the prep are very similar to painting kitchen worktops. 

5. Overlay your kitchen worktops 

Little Greene kitchen

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Who knew this was a thing? But you can buy thin pieces of material – usually quartz – that can be fitted over the top of your current worktops! Obviously this is way cheaper than buying brand new solid quartz worktops but the result is just the same. Check out Dream Doors for lots of gorgeous options. 

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