Best duvet covers: 6 top layers for every bed

From linen to luxe, we reviewed the best duvet covers money can buy.

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best duvet cover
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If you're a fan of a fluffy, cozy duvet (who isn't?), you'll need one of the best duvet covers to go along with it. Finding a great duvet cover can not only add style and softness to your bedding, but it's an essential element in protecting your duvet, managing allergies, and keeping your sleeping space clean. 

Like all things bedding-related, choosing the right duvet cover is an important purchase. You'll want to ensure yours helps facilitate a good night's rest by keeping you warm (or cool) and adding to the soothing, relaxing vibe of your bedroom. 

To help you create the perfect puffy-cloud bed of your dreams, we did some research and rounded up the very best duvet covers we could find. Every duvet cover on our list is great in its own right, but we've also called out where each pick particularly shines, whether it'll add warmth to your bed, save you money, or contribute to your goal of creating an eco-friendly space.

Scroll on for our top picks, and if you want to invest even more in your bed, check out our guide to the best pillows.

Best duvet covers

(Image credit: Brooklinen)

1. Brooklinen Luxe Duvet Cover

Best duvet cover overall: A year-round duvet cover that's soft, stylish, and oh-so-cozy.

Size: Twin, Full/Queen, King/California King
Material : Cotton
Colors: White, cream, navy, gray, and various prints
Reasons to buy
+Soft, buttery feel+Sturdy, durable fabric +Lightweight +Stylish 
Reasons to avoid
-Expensive-Can appear wrinkled after wash

Since its founding in 2014, direct-to-consumer company Brooklinen has become the ultimate place to buy ridiculously soft sheets at a fair, low price. So, it's no surprise that the brand's Luxe Duvet Cover has topped multiple lists—including ours. 

Simply put, there's a reason why its duvet cover has over 4,000 rave reviews on its site. Made with Brooklinen's signature sateen fabric, this cover is soft to touch, but durable enough to withstand your laundry's vicious spin cycle. But, perhaps this cover's biggest asset is its versatility. Despite being durable and cozy, this duvet cover is considerably lightweight so you won't feel like it's weighing you down. It doesn't matter if you run hot or cold when you sleep, this is a great option you can enjoy year-round. 

If style is a priority, fear not: This duvet cover comes in a variety of colors and patterns, as well as fun, limited-edition prints. Plus, the sateen fabric has a subtle sheen that will give your bed polished look, so you'll have a perfectly made bed every single time. 


(Image credit: Crane and Canopy)

2. Crane & Canopy Hayes Duvet Cover

Best duvet cover for saving time: A failsafe option that creates a meticulously made bed every time.

Size: Twin/twin XL, full/queen, king/California king
Material: Cotton
Colors: Green, white, blues, grays, beige, purple, coral, and various patterns
Reasons to buy
+Easy to use+Soft +Beautiful, two-toned look
Reasons to avoid

For many people, the biggest pain point of owning a duvet is stuffing your insert inside the opening at the bottom each time you wash it.  

Fortunately, Crane & Canopy’s Nova duvet cover is designed to solve this bedding annoyance. Instead of having a buttoned closure at the bottom, this duvet cover has a zipper in the middle that makes it easy to change your bedding. That way, you can avoid unnecessary wrestling with your blankets, and have a smooth, lump-free bed in a matter of minutes. (In fact, Crane & Canopy claims its Nova duvet cover can create a perfectly made bed in 80 percent less time). There are also four hidden ties at each corner that will keep your comforter in place.

Of course, the Nova duvet cover has more to offer than a clever construction. Made with soft, long-staple cotton, this option is a comfortable addition to your bed. Between its two-tone design and innovative accent strip, this option looks like a duvet cover and flat sheet rolled into one, once again saving you time in the pursuit of a well-made bed. Plus, this duvet covet is available in a handful of colors,  so you’re bound to find an option that matches the rest of your décor.

duvet cover

(Image credit: L.L. Bean)

3. L.L.Bean Ultrasoft Flannel Comforter Cover

Best duvet cover for cold weather: This snugly, flannel cover will come in handy once the temperature drops.

Size: Twin, Full, Queen, King
Material: Brushed cotton flannel
Colors: Light blue, dark blue, yellow, brown, green, white, beige, light gray
Reasons to buy
+Resists shrinking, fading, pilling+Gets softer with age+Affordable+Versatile 
Reasons to avoid
-Can attract dust-Might produce some lint in the laundry

Want to bring some extra comfort to your bed once the temperature drops? Enlist L.L. Bean’s Ultrasoft Comforter cover. Not only did the company spend over two years creating the perfect cover, but they tested it with 75 people to make sure it lives up to the hype. Fortunately, it lives up to the hype. 

Made with a thick, brushed flannel cotton, this duvet cover is just as soft and comfortable as your favorite sweatshirt or blanket. Not only does it keep its cozy texture after a few washes, but L.L. Bean claims it only gets softer with time. While flannel is ideal for the colder seasons, many reviewers say they use this cover year-round.

Some duvet covers can lose their luster as soon as they go into the laundry, but this option is designed to resist pilling, fading, and shrinking. That way, your cover will look and feel like new for a long time. Plus, this option has a spacious opening and tie and button closure, so you can easily slip a duvet inside. 

duvet covers

(Image credit: Cultiver)

4. Cultiver Linen Duvet Cover

Best duvet cover for warm weather: A lightweight linen layer that'll keep you cool.

Size: Queen, King
Material: Linen
Colors : White, beige, teal, orange, yellow, pink. navy, blue, green, gray, and various patterns
Reasons to buy
+Breathable+Pre-washed for softness +Sustainable+Low maintenance +Available in various colors
Reasons to avoid
-Limited sizes  (smaller sizes only available in full duvet set)-Expensive-Can fade when exposed to sunlight for long periods of time

Want to keep cool in your bedroom? You'll find a lot to love about Cultiver's linen duvet cover. Lightweight and breathable, linen is a perfect match for warm summer nights and hot sleepers alike. Cultiver takes its comfort factor to the next level by pre-washing all its linen with natural enzymes to speed up the softening process. Plus, Cultiver's linen duvet is made with eco-friendly flax crops, a plus if you're trying to shop sustainably for your home. 

Of course, this duvet cover looks just as good as it feels. Since linen’s wrinkled, relaxed look is part of its appeal, you won’t have to worry about ironing this cover whenever you wash it. With a large selection of colors—from burnt orange, to soothing sage, to subtle stripes—this cover has a shade for just about everyone. Rounding out the look is a buttoned closure, giving this cover an effortless edge.

duvet cover

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5. Parachute Percale Duvet Cover

Best sustainable duvet cover: An eco-friendly option that will earn Mother Nature's seal of approval.

Size: Twin/twin XL, full/queen, king/California king
Material: Egyptian cotton
Colors: White, cream, sand, blush, gray
Reasons to buy
+Lightweight+Durable construction+Oeko-Tex and REACH certified
Reasons to avoid

There's more to an environmentally conscious lifestyle than eating organic fruits and vegetables. If you want to bring a sustainable spin into the bedroom, pick up Parachute's percale duvet cover. The direct-to-consumer teamed up with a family-owned factory in Portugal to create a sustainable bedding that doesn’t skimp on quality. Parachute’s percale fabric is made with durable, long-staple cotton that’s lightweight and holds it shape as it goes through the laundry. That way, you’ll have a crisp, immaculate bed every time you slip on this duvet cover.

Parachute has an impressive list of certifications to ensure all its sheets—including this duvet cover—lives up to sustainable standards. Parachute’s sheets are Oeko-Tek standard 100 certified, which means it meets the highest criteria of testing for hazardous chemicals and synthetics. It also meets REACH protocol, a legislation enacted by the European Union that holds manufacturers accountable for the wellbeing of the environment and those working in the factories. And, unlike other bedding brands, Parachute doesn’t artificially soften its materials. Translation: You can have a good night’s sleep knowing you purchased sheets that’s great for your sleep and the environment.

duvet cover

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6. Nestl Bedding Duvet Cover 3 Piece Set

Best duvet cover on a budget: An affordable option that's a consistent crowd-pleaser.

Size: Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King
Material: Microfiber
Colors: Reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, purples, pinks, white, black, brown, gray, beige
Reasons to buy
+Affordable+Lightweight and breathable+Cool to the touch 
Reasons to avoid
-Shorter shelf life, according to some shoppers

You don’t have to spend a small fortune on a great duvet cover. Consider this option from Nestl Bedding’s hotel collection is the perfect intersection of quality and affordability. This option is made with a high-quality microfiber fabric that’s brushed on both sides, making your cozy duvet all the more enjoyable. The microfiber material is also lightweight, breathable, and cool to the touch, so it’ll offer optimal comfort without causing you to overheat in the middle of the night. Nestl Bedding claims its duvet cover is fade, shrink, wrinkle, and odor-resistant. That way, you can rest easy knowing your duvet cover was designed with a good night’s sleep in mind.

But just because Nestl Bedding’s duvet cover is practical doesn’t mean it skimps on style. Not only in this option available in a handful of colors, but it also comes with two coordinating  pillow shams to give your bedroom the five-star treatment.

When the perks are this great, it’s easy to forget how affordable this duvet cover is. You can purchase all sizes of this duvet cover—yes, even a California King—for under $50. It’s no wonder why this layer has over 25,000 reviews on Amazon, 4.3/5 rating, and an “Amazon’s Choice” badge.

How to buy a duvet cover 

With so many brands, materials, and price point to choose from, finding the right duvet cover for your lifestyle can be easier said than done.

Fabric: The average person spends about a third of their life in bed, so the last thing you want to do is spend all that precious time with scratchy sheets. But not only does a fabric impact the overall feel of your duvet cover, but it also contributes to how warm your bed feels. 

Lightweight fabrics like linen are perfect for warm sleepers, while heavier materials such as flannel or cashmere will make your bed extra toasty. Looking for a fabric you can enjoy year-round? Try percale or sateen. While both materials are made with cotton, percale is generally known for being crisp and breathable. Sateen, on the other hand, has a buttery-soft feel and sheeny finish.

Certifications: Sometimes, how your duvet cover is made is just as important as its materials. When it comes to shopping for your duvet cover, it’s important to look for special certifications. For example, anyone who is allergy-prone should look for a hypoallergenic duvet cover. If you're on a hunt for a sustainable style, keep your eye out for pieces that are fair trade, REACH-compliant, and Oeko-Tek certified.

Closure: No matter how clean you keep your bed, everyone will have to wash their duvet cover. Before you purchase a duvet cover, ask yourself how easy it is to take on and off. Is the insert hole large enough to fit your duvet? Do you prefer a zip or button closure? And, most important, are there four ties at the corners to keep your duvet in place? Once you answer these questions, you’re yet another step closer to finding your dream duvet cover.

When to replace your duvet cover

As the saying goes, nothing lasts forever—and your duvet cover is no exception. While a duvet cover can help prolong the life of your blanket, it's not immune to wear and tear. We recommend replacing your duvet every five years. While you're at it, why not get a new duvet cover to match? That said, duvet covers don't have expiration date. If your duvet cover has obvious wear and tear before the five-year mark, it’s in your best interest to replace it before it’s on its last legs. Don't worry: When the time comes to replace your duvet cover, you have some great options waiting to be added to your e-cart.

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