Hasselback potatoes: everyone (even Nigella) is making them. Here's how

These hasselback potatoes are as tasty, but much faster than your classic baked potato. Give them a go with this recipe from Gousto

hasselback potatoes and harissa chicken
(Image credit: Gousto)

Hasselback potatoes – say what now? If you ever have a hankering for baked potatoes but aren't sure you have the time, you need to check out hasselback potatoes. They sound (and look) pretty complicated, but they are simply potatoes with their backs cut into thin slices, which aids faster cooking and allows tasty flavours to cook below the skin.

And it seems like everyone has been giving them a go of late, with Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver both banging the drum for the crispy skinned hasselback on their Instagram accounts. 

How you choose to serve them is up to you – treat it like a jacket potato or tear and share, dipping each slice into a tangy salsa, hummus or guacamole. One thing we can all agree on though is that they make the perfect side for any al fresco meal or barbecue dinner.

Scroll on to see this easy recipe for hasselback potatoes made with sweet potato. You can use white potatoes instead, just up the cooking time a little, or give them a couple of minutes in the microwave to soften before roasting. Once done, find loads more recipes in our food hub.

For serving ideas, read to the end, or check out the original recipe from Gousto which is served as part of their Harissa chicken and sweet potato dish.

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How to make hasselback potatoes

hasselback potato and harissa chicken

(Image credit: Gousto)

Ingredients for two:

  • 2 sweet potatoes
  • 1tsp cumin
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste


1. Preheat the oven to gas mark 7/220°C/ 425°F.

2. Cut the potatoes in half lengthways, then lay skin side up. Cut narrow slices (think £1 coin width) into the potatoes, making sure not to cut through the base.

3. Mix the cumin, seasoning and oil in an ovenproof dish, then rub the potatoes with the oil and place them with the skins up on the dish. Cook for 40–50 minutes until crispy and browned.

Serving suggestions:

  • Use in place of any potato alongside meat or fish
  • Top with chilli, cheese, salsa and sour cream for a Tex-Mex feast
  • Make it part of your mezze and dip in hummus, baba ganoush or cool tzatziki
  • For a vegan dish, pair it with smoky beans and some fresh guacamole
  • Looking for a half-time snack? Stick a big tray of these on the table with loads of dips like BBQ sauce, mayo, queso and hot sauce

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