Can you freeze potatoes?

Freezing potatoes is possible, plus, a great way to reduce food waste and easily prep for mid-week meals. Here's how to do it

can you freeze potatoes
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If not all of the potatoes were devoured at dinner, and if you just don't fancy more potatoes on your dinner menu for the next couple of days, then you might be wondering how to avoid wasting your leftover spuds. Asking whether you can freeze potatoes may seem like a silly question, but it's really not, as you actually can. So why not give freezing them a go? Not only does freezing potatoes allow you to reduce food waste – and prevent you from wasting money – but de-frosting frozen potatoes will also speed up the cooking process, mid-week.

Whether you're working with roasted potatoes, mash, or the boiled variety, we'll teach you the best way to freeze them all. It's easier than you might think and is a much better option than binning the poor spuds. And if yours are as yet uncooked, find out how to store potatoes so they stay fresher for longer.

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How to freeze roast potatoes

How you freeze your roast potatoes will depend on how far through the cooking process you are. If you've parboiled your potatoes, pre-roasting, and been left with an overwhelming sense that you've cooked way too many, there's still time to make the best of the situation.

Simply remove your excess potatoes, season with salt and pepper, coat with flour and a little fat, then transfer to a container for storage – they can be stored in your freezer for up to four months. When you come to use your potatoes, roast as you usually might for up to 40 minutes. You'll be surprised just how crispy your freeze-ahead roasties are.

If you've already roasted your potatoes, don't fear, there's hope for them yet! Place your potatoes into a freezer container – either all together, or in separate single-serve portions. Place in the freezer and store for up to four months. Ensure they're thoroughly defrosted before using.

How to freeze boiled potatoes

It's possible to freeze boiled potatoes too, though you may encounter some texture changes once they're defrosted. This shouldn't put you off though, perhaps it would just be an idea to mash your potatoes once they've thawed to counteract this issue.

To successfully freeze your boiled potatoes, we'd recommend spreading them on a large baking tray for at least the first five hours. From there, they can be transferred into a a single container for easy storage. This step may seem pointless, but it will prevent them from sticking together which is good news in the long term.

How to freeze mashed potatoes

It's more than possible to freeze mashed potato for future use. In fact, you may be surprised just how much you can speed up your mid-week meals by working with frozen mash. And while it may be tempting to simply shove your mash into a freezer container, and hope for the best, there are a few tips worth considering for a better experience.

We'd recommend splitting your mash into small, round patties wrapped in clingfilm – make sure it's biodegradable – and storing on a flat baking tray for the first 24 hours. From there, they can be transferred into the same box to free up some space in your freezer.

Aim to use your frozen mash over the next couple of weeks, as it doesn't tend to store too well.

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