Silentnight Arundel Pocket 2000 mattress review

Want to know what the new Arundel Pocket 2000 mattress is like to sleep on? Read our expert review

Silentnight Arundel mattress
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Real Homes Verdict

This is a really good quality mattress, made in the UK using top-notch materials. We both slept really well on it.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Excellent on motion transfer (fidgety partners not a problem)

  • +

    Supremely comfortable

  • +

    Excellent spine alignment

  • +

    Handles for easy turning

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Odd smell for the first couple of weeks

  • -

    Very heavy

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Considering buying a Silentnight Arundel mattress? This is the review for you. I've been sleeping on a wide range of mattresses and trying them out to bring you a true picture of how comfortable each one is and how much support it provides – and this is one of the best I've tried. I've also persuaded my husband Nick to take part to create a balanced view of what each mattress is like for women (so often the purchasers) and men, talked friends and family into trying them out, and have conducted some semi-scientific testing so that you can buy your mattress online with confidence. 

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Type: Pocket Sprung
Sizes: Single, double, king, super king.
Firmness rating: Medium
Cost: £649 to £999

Who will the Arundel Pocket 2000 suit?

This is a great all-rounder for anyone seeking a sprung mattress with a luxurious feel and medium comfort.

Silentnight Arundel mattress

(Image credit: Silentnight)

What’s the Arundel Pocket 2000 like to sleep on? 

The short version: It’s an absolute dream. Literally, we both slept like babies.

The long version: This mattress – from Silentnight’s new Highclere Collection - is a beast. In a good way. It weighs a tonne (not an actual tonne but it’s a reassuringly hefty number). Thanks to well-stitched handles, it wasn’t so hard to manoeuvre into place for our first night’s sleep. And what a sleep. Normally I shift about from side to back to side again for at least 30 minutes before I drift off. On this baby, I was out like a light and didn’t stir until the usual 6am shout from the kids. Happy days, literally. Nick always gets up at least once in the night for a wee (he’s been checked out, it’s just his age). The mattress didn’t stop that malarkey, sadly, but he did say he got back to sleep again much more quickly than normal. Double thumbs up. 

Speaking of which, we road-tested a double and it felt small compared to our usual super king (because it is) so I was surprised at how well it did on the motion transfer front. If you are a known night-wriggler like me, then this mattress will let you flap away in peace, without your partner muttering through gritted teeth. I think this is partly because the fixed topper is squishy, but not foam squishy. It’s hard to describe but the soft yet solid topper (filled with natural materials not foam) seems to absorb movement so, unless your bedmate is practising for the local trampoline championships, you shouldn’t be disturbed.

We’d both give the Arundel Pocket 2000 a resounding Medium on the firmness front, which is probably a relief to Silentnight since that’s also the rating it’s been given. Our tame testers (three male, three female, ranging from 10-17 stone) are never told the official grading but they mostly agreed (see below). Tellingly, the softest rating – we got a 4 for the first time – came from the heaviest member of our group. So if you’ve eaten too many mince pies (or are just ‘well built’, soz mate), you might find this mattress a bit soft. 

Silentinight Arundel mattress test

(Image credit: Linda Clayton)

Next up, the weight test (see below). Our trusty rusty weight held a fairly solid five on the outskirts of the mattress but in the middle it dropped deeper to 9cm, suggesting the springs have more bounce in the middle. Ever diligent, I had a good roll around, from side to side, after this test to see if it felt like the mattress was sinking in the middle (I know, tough job). And then I made Nick do it too, in case I wasn’t heavy enough, and he also said the surface felt even. At night, it didn’t feel like I was sinking in towards him, either, thank goodness. Nobody needs that. On reflection, the weight test demonstrates that the sides of the mattress are really well built – and that certainly looks the case when you inspect the heavy-duty stitching going on.

Silentinight Arundel mattress tes

(Image credit: Linda Clayton)

Silentinight Arundel mattress tes

(Image credit: Linda Clayton)

This mattress features Silentnight’s acclaimed (not just by them) Mirapocket zoned pocket springs, which means the spring tensions are adjusted to target and support key pressure points at the hips and shoulders. Our dot-to-dot posture test (see below) shows this alchemy at work, with Nick’s spine nicely aligned when lying on his side. The state of our pillows (ancient feather with about as much life as a dead duck) didn’t help matters near his neck but the mattress did well to compensate. 

Silentinight Arundel mattress tes

(Image credit: Linda Clayton)

How does the Arundel Pocket 2000 rate online? 

This is a new launch so there are no online reviews yet.


The core of this mattress boasts Silentnight’s Mirapocket zoned spring system, which focuses on achieving perfect spinal alignment and is generally loved by those with backaches and pains. Each of the 2000 springs is individually pocketed, which means they won’t tangle together and stability is maintained for longer. Extra comfort and softness is provided via a blend of alpaca, silk, cashmere and wool fibres, which all have natural temperature regulating properties. Allergy sufferers (and those seeking chemical free homes) will appreciate that the Arundel Pocket 2000 is inherently flame retardant – without the use of chemical treatments. This mattress is a very decent 31cm thick.

Ordering and delivery:

Silentnight’s two-man delivery service is free and your mattress can be placed in the room of your choice, and they’ll take away the packaging if required. Delivery is usually within 10 to 14 days of order. Our mattress arrived via DHD, with a two-hour window text message the day before, and live tracking on the day – perfect for busy people. 

What do you get for your money?

Five-year peace of mind guarantee and free delivery. Plus the extra reassurance that every mattress is tested in Silentnight’s state-of-the-art lab, which is approved by world-renowned testing authority SATRA.

Is the Arundel Pocket 2000 worth it?

Yes, this is a really good quality mattress, made in the UK using top-notch materials. We both slept really well, so much so that I think I am going to switch my mattress preference from medium-firm to just plain medium in future. I always was fairly average… sob. However, if Medium doesn’t float your boat, The Highclere Collection also has a firm option (Wessex) or medium soft (Mercia) to tempt. If I were forced to find fault, it would be the rather odd smell emitted from the top layer. We didn't notice it for about four days, which is unusual, but then it seemed to permeate the bed linen, too. On the plus side, our youngest stopped coming in to warm her toes on my thighs for a few mornings. The odour was completely bearable (and wasn’t chemically like some of the memory foams out there) and definitely faded day-by-day. By the end of our two-week test it was hardly noticeable so don’t let this put you off.

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