Keep pot plants healthy with this water bottle trick from a gardening expert

As the weather warms up, this hack will keep pot plants healthy

keep pot plants healthy
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The key way to keep pot plants healthy is to ensure they're both watered regularly and given the right amount of light. There's a fine line when it comes to watering plants, and we often fall into the trap of overwatering. Luckily, gardening expert David Domoney has a handy tip to ensure your plants get just the right level of hydration.

There are various apps out there to remind us to water our best indoor plants and those in our gardens. However, human error means our plants don't always get quite the right amount. David's tip is here to help - and will also come in handy if you know you're going to be away.

water bottle trick

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Speaking on British day-time TV show This Morning, he explained the hack. It involves making some holes in a small water bottle - he uses a screwdriver to do so. Then, you need to fill the bottle with water, and place it in the middle of the soil in a plant pot. 

'When you’ve finished watering the container, you can fill up the bottle as well and it will slowly seep out on very hot days and give moisture just when it needs it,' David Domoney says. He pushes the soil right up around the edges of the bottle so it's not visible in the pot.

water bottle trick

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Experimenting with planters is a great form of gardening for beginners, or if you're still learning your way around your new garden. This is because pot plants can easily be transported until they find their favorite spot. 

Also, some plants that don't do well in the cold, such as South African pelargoniums, can be brought inside during the winter and put in a warm, sunny spot in the garden for the summer. Head to our garden ideas page for more tips, and if you're looking for DIY alternative planter ideas, take a look at our feature.

water bottle trick

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Gardening lovers can keep on top of watering pot plants with David Domoney's water bottle hack this summer - just make sure you make small holes so the water is released gradually. Monitoring how much water is soaked up might also help you to know how much water they tend to drink. 

Will you be trying this tip?

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