Want to beat winter bugs? Giving your home a deep clean in autumn might be key

Ward off that winter cold by giving your home a thorough clean in the autumn

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Summer's nearly over – time to start thinking about warm coats, shorter days, and... that inevitable seasonal cold. 

But apparently, you don't have to resign yourself to being ill when the weather gets colder, and the trick isn't necessarily to get a flu jab. Your home is likely to be full of germs after the summer, and they're all waiting for your immune system to weaken in winter – so, prepping your home for winter now should avoid infections later in the year. 

These tricks should your house clean and you free of illness.

Giving your house a deep clean can kill fleas

It may be tedious and time-consuming, but a deep clean really pays off come winter. This especially applies to homes with carpets, notorious breeding grounds for bacteria and parasites. Got pets? Still more reason to get that carpet deep cleaned, for their sake as well as yours, since any fleas that may lie dormant in your carpet will awaken come central heating season. If you really don't want to do it yourself, book a professional carpet cleaner.  

The fridge also needs your attention – throw away all out-of-date food (that jar of mayo that's nine months old, anyone?), clean and disinfect all shelves and drawers.

Cleaning the radiators should improve your allergies

Central heating can make you ill, and that's a fact. The dry air itself is not  great for our respiratory systems and complexions, but the accumulation of of dust in your radiators can aggravate asthma and allergies. So wipe them thoroughly with a damp cloth before turning on. 

Cleaning all bedding will kill dust mites

The 'all' is key here; it's not just your sheets that need regular cleaning – all bedding, including pillows, duvet, and mattress topper, need a regular clean, especially if you prefer natural materials such as feather and down. If you need convincing, wash just one of your pillows first, then compare it with the one you haven't washed. Feel the difference in weight? That's the dust mites and dead skin cells.  

Helen Johnson from the Fine Bedding Company says, 'Many of us are guilty of putting off those cleaning jobs that require a bit more time and effort. From cleaning out the fridge to cleaning filled duvets and pillows, autumn is the perfect time to look beyond the surface – and an autumn clean is now considered more important for and more effective than a spring clean on the nation’s health.'

Decluttering is good for your mental health (and charities)

Everyone instinctively knows that a serene and tidy room is better for our mental and physical health than a messy one, so go on and chuck the stuff you no longer want. Or, better still, give it to a charity. 

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