Want faster broadband? Sky Ultrafast broadband is up to 12 times quicker than anything we’ve seen before

Faster internet from £39 per month? Enter Sky Ultrafast broadband

sky ultrafast broadband
(Image credit: Sky)

How much would you pay for faster broadband? And by ‘faster’ we mean an incredible 12 times quicker? 

If your answer was in the realms of £39 per month, you’re in for a treat because that’s what the new Sky Ultrafast broadband costs.

Whether you’re looking to stream your favourite films and box sets in record time, are tired of experiencing lag while gaming or Skyping a loved one, or simply fancy surfing the web faster than you have before, you certainly won’t be disappointed with Sky Ultrafast broadband, which offers impressive download speeds of 145Mbps or 285Mbps, depending on your preference.

So, what are you signing up for with Sky Ultrafast broadband? Find out more below.

So far, there are two packages on offer for those looking to switch to Sky Ultrafast broadband. Here’s what each has to offer.

Sky Broadband Ultrafast 1

  • Average download speeds: 145Mbps
  • Price: £39 a month for first 18 months

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Sky Broadband Ultrafast 2

  • Average download speeds: 285Mbps
  • Price: £49 per month

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