Etsy reveals the emerging wall decor trend that shoppers are going wild for

A recent Etsy report says we can expect to see tufted wall art take over our homes this year

Orange and white tufted wall art from Etsy
(Image credit: Etsy)

Tufted wall art is set to become the next big home decor trend this year, with people across the globe looking to add quirky hand-woven pieces to their homes. 

Etsy has seen a staggering 172% increase in searches for tufted wall art in the last three months. After browsing some of the fabulous designs available online, it's not hard to see why.

There are plenty of wall decor ideas you can choose from, but we'd recommend joining the tufted art hype now to add more color and texture to your home. Fluffy tapestries, as well as mirrors and photo frames lined with cotton and wool can add a homey touch to your space, and make your room feel more inviting. 

Tufted wall art hanging with geometric pattern

Wall hanging from GroovyLittleMama

(Image credit: GroovyLittleMama)

Why is there a tufted wall art hype?

'Thanks to social media and an increased interest in crafting throughout the pandemic, tufted decor is seeing a huge resurgence amongst today’s shoppers,' says Etsy Trend Expert Dayna Isom-Johnson. 'While originally used to create rugs, this weaving technique is now being incorporated into wall art, as shoppers increasingly fill their walls with joyful pieces that add personality and dimension to their spaces.'

The visual interest tufted wall art is perfect for making a homes feel dynamic and lived in. Most post-pandemic trends lend themselves to creating layered, cozy, and inviting decor in a way that reflects personal tastes and values. 

Tufted wall art is perfect for this because there is a whole host of unique, stand-out pieces which serve as a talking point in any room. Colorful felt and fabrics are woven together to create tapestries, photo frames, and mirrors that look great when fastened to walls.

Trio of decorative tufted wall art pieces hanging on wall

Wall hangings from Urbanscape Co

(Image credit: Urbanscape Co)

How to add tufted wall art to your home

'The beauty of tufted wall art is that it comes in a variety of different shapes, sizes and designs, making it an easy trend to incorporate into any existing decor,' says Dayna. 

'This year, shoppers are doubling down on texture, so I suggest pairing tufted wall art with other tactile materials – like leather, metal, or wood – to create a dynamic space that feels inviting and lived in.'

Tufted wall art trend: green tufted felt mirror

Image credit: TinyBirdyStudio

(Image credit: TinyBirdyStudio)

The living room can be a great place for tufted wall decor because aside from having a lot of wall space, it's often the most used room and the perfect spot for this cozy living room idea.

If there are any tufted wall art pieces that catch your eye, we say go for it; the individuality of these pieces means there is a lot of freedom in how you add them to your home, and art decor truly can transform your space. The most important thing is that you're happy with the way the tufted art looks in your home.

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