This is the part of the fridge we’re all forgetting to clean – according to TikTok

Go and inspect the bottom of your fridge right now

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We tend to think we know how to clean a fridge - empty it all out, wash the lower compartments, wipe down all the shelves and surfaces... 

But one cleaning fan has turned this upside down with a TikTok video that reveals an often-overlooked area that's probably collecting grime in your kitchen right now.

In the short clip, she asks, 'When is the last time you cleaned the bottom of your fridge?' We'll have to admit, it's been a while.

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'There's a little grill at the bottom of your fridge and it tends to get preeeetty nasty,' she says, having pulled out a dusty, grimy plastic grill from under her refrigerator (where it meets the floor).

These are fitted to the bottom of many fridges for ventilation. Of course, it depends on the design of your fridge, and you might not have one. I dashed to check mine and it turns out this is one less thing for me to clean.

The TikTok fan gets to work cleaning - starting by rubbing it with a dryer sheet to remove hair and dust that had got stuck to it. We'd heard of using dryer sheets to dust Venetian blinds, and this cleaning enthusiast says the dryer sheet is 'waxy and works amazing' on the grill, too.


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She then sprays it with the popular Dawn Powerwash and uses a small washing-up brush to get rid of the rest of the grease and grime. Next, she pours water over it. 'Rinse it off, and you're done!' she says.

The fridge is one of those items in the home that we dread cleaning, but when you finally get round to it, it's very satisfying. Over the last year, our long and romantic walks to the fridge have been more frequent than ever, and it doesn't hurt to keep it clean.

If it's beginning to smell a little when you open it, it's probably time to empty it and give it the full treatment with your best cleaning products. Luckily, you can do this in half an hour tops - read our story on how to speed clean a smelly fridge.

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Is the grill at the bottom of your fridge collecting grime?

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