This temperature regulating bedding has 25% off at Soak & Sleep

Gorgeous bedding that will help you keep cool at night – at a great discount

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Are you too hot at night? With the current heatwave on, everyone is, but if you regularly wake up because you're uncomfortably warm, we can guarantee you that your bedding is the culprit.

Our top tip for keeping cool at night is to put away all your feather and down bedding until winter. Feather and down are excellent insulators, but poor temperature regulators, which is what you need to keep cool at night. 

Soak & Sleep have been manufacturing amazing-quality bedding, including pillows, duvets, and mattress toppers, filled with temperature-regulating materials such as wool and silk, and they have a great sale on, with 25 per cent off a wide range of bedding.

The other potential issue is with mattress and pillow protectors; depending on what they're made from, they can make you hot too. The Soak & Sleep temperature regulating protector range is waterproof yet breathable. 

See our pick of the current deals below.


Temperature Regulating Protectors | Save 25%
Smooth and soft to the touch, this range of mattress and pillow protectors contains 66 per cent lyocell, which allows for breathability. Guaranteed to protect your bedding from stains.


Luxury New Zealand Wool Duvets | Save 25%
Sleeping under one of these wool filled duvets is amazingly comfortable (we're speaking from experience). Wool keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer, so you'll never feel clammy or chilly towards dawn. The duvets are encased in 100 per cent cotton.


Ultimate Microfibre with Silk Pillows | Save 25%
More affordable than silk filled pillows, these pillows have an outer layer of silk that will keep your head cool at night. They feel quite supportive, too, not too soft. 

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Anna Cottrell
Anna Cottrell

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