This smart coffee machine will wake you up when your morning cup is ready

Looking for a smart coffee machine at an affordable price? The second generation Smarter Coffee maker should be on your radar

smart coffee machine: Smarter Coffee maker 2nd generation
(Image credit: Amazon)

Are you tempted by a smart coffee machine from our list of the best coffee machines, but find the cost of most of them prohibitive? It's true that many coffee machines that have smart connectivity options sit in a very high price category. In fact, it's not unheard of for some really sleek integrated coffee machines with smart features to run into the thousands. So, is there a coffee maker on the market that can deliver the coveted 'coffee's ready' message while you're still in bed, without the enormous price tag?

You could wait until Black Friday – or get a coffee maker that's already affordable now.

Smart Coffee Machine: Smarter Coffee maker

(Image credit: Amazon)

Introducing the second-generation Smarter Coffee maker – or, the smartest coffee maker you'll ever meet (at the moment, anyway – by 2025, we expect ours to get us dressed in the mornings, too). 

It works in two modes, as a bean-to-cup coffee machine or as a filter coffee maker, sporting an integrated coffee grinder. You can set the strength and coarseness of your grind from the Smarter app installed onto your phone. You can choose anywhere between four and 12 cups. 

Now, the really fun part is the connectivity features, which allow you to connect the Smarter Coffee up to Alexa or Google Assistant. In wake up mode, this coffee maker will set your phone alarm to go off when coffee's ready in the morning (finally, no need to wait around the kitchen counter for the coffee to brew). And even if you still don't want to get out of bed when the alarm goes off, the coffee maker's hot plate will keep the coffee warm for up to 40 minutes.

Now, some users have said that the app could be better and less fiddly with all the settings. But, given that you can connect it up to Alexa, you won't necessarily need to use it that much. This won't replace a barista-style coffee machine, but, if like us, you just want a nice tasting cuppa first thing in the morning without having to wait – especially important when you're rushing to get to work – this is actually pretty good. 

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