This pet tracking device can help you find your lost dog faster

The Wag! Tag and itss community of dog lovers can help track down your lost pup – could it replace microchipping?

dog wearing wag! tag
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if you've ever experienced a pet going missing, you'll know just how painful a process it can be. It can leave you feeling pretty hopeless, particularly as it can be almost impossible to know where to even start looking. But what if there was a way to track your pet? And a community of pet lovers on hand to help you find your furry friend. Well, Wag! Tag does just that and could be more effective than microchipping when it comes to helping you find a lost pet.

Find everything you need to know, below. Then, compare Wag! Tag to more of our top rated pet trackers.

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Designed by the brains behind Wag! – the on-demand dog walking and boarding app – Wag! Tag aims to reunite lost pets with their owners as quickly as possible. But how does it work?

Well, Wag! Tag makes the most of its community of passionate pet care providers, all of whom are on hand to provide immediate and robust lost dog support. A step-up from traditional dog tags, which provide fairly limited information, Wag! Tag offers users the following:

  • Easily Accessible Information – each unique tag is designed with a simple, scannable code that makes it easy for anyone with a smartphone to access information about your dog, should they find them.
  • Personalized Dog Information in One Place – ensure anyone who finds your dog has as much information available to them, as possible. Simply complete your dog’s profile with all the information you’d want someone to know – that could include emergency contacts, secure drop-off locations, allergies, vaccinations, and other helpful notes about your dog.
  • Lost Dog Search Support (with Wag! Tag Complete) – opting for Wag! Tag Complete comes with active support from walkers on Wag! to help find lost dogs faster. This feature also increases local awareness by providing shareable digital flyers, proactively posting to lost dog platforms.

Speaking about the thinking behind Wag! Tag, CEO Hilary Schneider says, 'Our love for dogs is what led us to launch the Wag! Tag. With our amazing community of walkers in more than 100 cities across the country, we have a network of caring and passionate dog lovers who can be notified to help a lost pup return home more quickly. More than 3.5 million dogs go missing each year, and we believe the Wag! Tag will help more of them reunite with  their families.'

Want to know more? Head over to Wag! for more information.

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