This patio cleaner is our top pick – and it's cheap on Amazon right now

The Ultima-Plus patio cleaner is truly the ultimate patio cleaner. Get it for under £20 on Amazon

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The Ultima-Plus XP Patio cleaner is number one on our best patio cleaners list, and no wonder: it will bring your patio back to life, no matter how algae-stricken it currently is.

With last week's rain behind us and a few sunny days coming up, now is the time to put your patio cleaner to work – just make sure it will do the job properly. 

Two things really stand out for us about this particular patio cleaner. Firstly, it's a multi-tasking, concentrated product that can be used on a huge variety of surfaces in your garden, including decking, fences, terracotta pots, and even UPVC windows. Not bad for a single container of cleaner.

Secondly, this patio cleaner is dead easy to apply. Man patio cleaners require a pressure washer to wash them off after they've done their work, but the Ultima Plus can be sprayed on or even poured (diluted) over the surface with a watering can and left to do its work. No scrubbing or hosing needed.

Ultima-Plus XP Patio Cleaner 5 Litres Super Concentrate | £17.95 at Amazon

This patio cleaner is safe to use around children and pets – just wait before it dries before letting them walk over the surface. It is biodegradable, but be careful not to use it around garden ponds. View Deal