The best small patio furniture to help you spruce up your li’l space

From dining sets to large umbrellas, our best small patio furniture picks will have you dining al fresco in no time

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The sun is shining and the tank is clean, but my patio is an absolute mess RN. I guess because I only have a small patio in my yard, I just assumed that I could get away with not keeping it clean or buying any furniture for it. So, my patio just sat there, getting more unloved by the minute… while I sat indoors, scrolling through TikTok, getting more unloved by the minute (just kidding). 

But now that I’m getting older I’m realizing that yogis and health-conscious celebrities aren't absolute wackos when they say that you should “harness the power of the sun” or whatever. It turns out that being outside and enjoying the sunshine CAN make you happy, which is why I’ve made it my mission to turn my patio into the ultimate chill-out spot this summer. So, I’ve been on the lookout for the best outdoor furniture that will serve as the perfect place for me to drink my morning iced coffee, but still work when I want to have a sit-down meal when I finish work. Especially as I don’t have a dining room in my rental! The outside world will become my dining room, y’all. 

I’ve had to be pretty picky when it comes to choosing this patio furniture, though. It can’t be too big as I’m always on a mission to make my outdoor space feel bigger, but it still needs to be practical and long-lasting - and not too heavy, as I want to be able to take it with me to my next rental and I’m a weakling. And while those requirements seem way too OTT even for my high standards, you’ll be happy to know that I come bearing good news, folks! I’ve found small patio furniture to suit every budget and every yard. From patio sets to tables with umbrella holes and then small patio furniture with umbrellas, you should just call me the fairy godmother of patio furniture. 

Best small patio furniture sets 

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I get that people love mismatched furniture. I get it. Sometimes it CAN look chic, sophisticated, and quirky! But if you want my opinion, then mismatched furniture doesn’t work outside. Most of the time it looks clunky and out of place, and that’s exactly why I love it when brands offer the chance to buy matching patio sets. These sets come with matching tables and chairs, which not only helps with the aesthetic side of things but also helps with practicality. After all, when you have a matching small patio furniture set, you know the exact dimensions you’re working with — which comes in handy when you only have limited space to play with.

Small patio table with umbrella hole 

If you already have outdoor dining chairs or if you plan on buying some separately, then you might just be on the market for a patio table… and you know I’ve got you covered, girl! But while you can just buy a regular ol’ table, why not buy one with an umbrella hole? I’ve crowned 2023 the year of sun safety, and having the ability to add shade to your patio can make SUCH a difference if you’re someone who is sensitive to the sun or if you live in a super hot place. Plus, if you buy a cute umbrella you can turn your outdoor area into your own little oasis — or just pretend as though you’re on Love Island.

Small patio furniture with umbrella 

Hands up if you’re on a budget? I’m going to assume you’re all waving your hands in the air like you just don’t care right now, because we’re in a cost-of-living crisis, people. But I’ve got some news for you that might make things easier. Sometimes buying furniture sets works out so much cheaper than buying all of the items individually, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to buying patio furniture for a small space. By buying a set that comes complete with a table and umbrella, you can buy everything in one fell swoop and save yourself some serious dough in the process.

What outdoor furniture holds up the best?

When choosing your small patio furniture, it’s easy to get sucked in by how attractive the set is. However, I spoke to garden furniture extraordinaire Holly Jones, from Garden Street, about the importance of stepping back and paying attention to the material of the patio set before you shell out your hard-earned money. She said, “Although you may find wooden furniture sets to be slightly cheaper than other sets, it will require maintenance to prolong its life which can be quite costly in the long run.” So, for those who have a little extra money at their disposal, Holly suggests something else. “For a low-maintenance, long-lasting furniture set then, an aluminum, plastic, or rattan set is often the better option.” And when talking about those with just a small amount of space at their disposal, Holly has the perfect advice: “Aluminium bistro sets are usually more compact than rattan bistro sets, so they are easier to store away and sometimes have folding chairs and tables.” Because of this, it’s a good idea to weigh up your budget and your requirements before you fully commit to some new patio furniture. 

How we chose this small patio furniture

You’ll find that a lot of the small patio furniture on this list has been featured elsewhere on the Real Homes site, and that’s not just because we love these products on a personal level. We make sure to only recommend products that have the best reviews from other customers, so you know that you’re buying high-quality products that are worth your money.

Where to buy small patio furniture 

Still looking for the best small patio furniture? Find more by visiting some of our favorite retailers below. 

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